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404 Error ~ New installation.

  • I had installation problems when I first installed bbpress integrated with my wp and followed the instructions in this thread:

    Now I can get in my forums, but NOT as administrator (at least I don’t see any admin panel) and nothing will open. Any link I click goes to a 404 error page.

    I do not have my pretty permalinks on now. I DID orginally have them set to ‘slugs’m but changed that to ‘false’ after reading through the above mentioned post.

    You’ll see an update on the above thread that says I couldn’t open any pagesin wo either now, but that has been resolved. Apparently when I installed bbpress, it enabled my pretty permalinks in wp? I don’t know for sure, but I found that setting in my wp admin dashboard and turned it off ~ so now my wp pages are opening again. My bbpress pages are still not, though.

    When I installed, I pre-made the my-plugins and my-templates and I put the wp integration plugins in that folder ~ then I uploaded everything and ran my install.php file.

    I amreally hoping to make this work because I feel like my site visitors would be mych happier being able to sign in just once to the blog and the forums on my site ~~~ and because I think I can probably create a template that follows the rest of my site. Any help here would be GREATLY appreciated!



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  • chrishajer


    How about a URL?

    Sorry ~ for some reason I didn’t get an email update on this thread (or the other one that I mistakenly posted in).

    The URL is

    Be warned that TONIGHT,I’ve had a lotof trouble with my server being offiline for somereason, but that is not normally the case.

    OH ~ and the reason I signed in was to update this thread and say that I figured out how to get to my dashboard. However, within the dashboard, trying to edit users also leads to 404 pages just like clicking anythingin the main forums.





    If you cannot get into admin panel it’s one of two reasons:

    1. cookie hashes & paths don’t match

    2. you do not have the proper role set under bbpress as administrator

    The 404’s may be caused by turning on slugs without multiviews or proper mod_rewrite rules. If you have slugs turned on, turn them off temporarily (in your config.php) until you solve the other problem. ie.

    $bb->mod_rewrite = false;

    I am betting on the role not being set in bbPress that’s preventing you from getting to the admin panel. This can be inspected/fixed via phpmyadmin. I’ve been meaning to write an auto-load plugin to fix this issue automagically.


    I’ve whipped up a little plugin to restore proper admin access roles for both bbPress and WordPress without having to tinker in phpmyadmin:

    Copy this to your plugins directory in bbPress OR WordPress (not both). Then access bbPress or WordPress (whichever you used). Then test you can access admin panel. Then DELETE the plugin off your server. There is no reason to leave it there.

    (you MUST leave the leading underscore “_” on the plugin name which makes it auto-load without having to activate it first. I have not tested it from the WP side but in theory should be fine.)

    I have admin rights for ONE of my own three profiles, but that ‘fix’ didn’t change the other two and I can’t get them open to do anything to them. If I could get anypages to open, I would have a betterchance there, so I’m NOT worried about that.

    I’m worried about the 404 pages. I stated earlier all the steps I had taken and one of those steps WAS to set my mods to false. When I originally uploaded,I did have them set to ‘slugs’ ~ but they’ve been set tofalse since just an hour or so after I originally uploaded because I had found that info in the thread that I mentioned earlier.

    I just copied that line from my config.php file:

    // Set to true if you want pretty permalinks, set to ‘slugs’ if you want to use slug based pretty permalinks.

    $bb->mod_rewrite = ‘false’;

    I have just finished customizing my blog and and ready to move on to my forums, but I’m really scared to start putting that work in ~~~ and yes, it’s work for me, I don’t know css, so everything I do is a ‘trial and error’ process, as is my work in php,, C+ (you get the picture) ~~~ for fear that I’ll do it all and never be able to get pages in the forums to open.





    If you have an .htaccess file in your bbpress directory, remove it or rename it temporarily and see if the 404’s go away.

    Don’t have one. I got rid of it when I got turned off the pretty permalinks.

    Since I uploaded with integration in wp, what exactly should I do to delete this installation so I can try it again? I know I need to deletemy bbpress tables, but I also know that it added info to my wp tables, or at least some ofthem.



    OK ~ mark it as resolved ~~~ I’m just an idiot. I didn’t notice (even as many times as I’ve seen copies of the mod line) that there were NO QUOTES when you mark it FALSE. Saw that tip in another thread just a few minutes ago and tried it . … .

    I don’t get 404 error pages anymore!

    I can edit my users, read threads, EVERYTHING! =)

    Sorry I am so slow at this!

    Thanks for the help!


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