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Re: 404 Error ~ New installation.



If you cannot get into admin panel it’s one of two reasons:

1. cookie hashes & paths don’t match

2. you do not have the proper role set under bbpress as administrator

The 404’s may be caused by turning on slugs without multiviews or proper mod_rewrite rules. If you have slugs turned on, turn them off temporarily (in your config.php) until you solve the other problem. ie.

$bb->mod_rewrite = false;

I am betting on the role not being set in bbPress that’s preventing you from getting to the admin panel. This can be inspected/fixed via phpmyadmin. I’ve been meaning to write an auto-load plugin to fix this issue automagically.


I’ve whipped up a little plugin to restore proper admin access roles for both bbPress and WordPress without having to tinker in phpmyadmin:

Copy this to your plugins directory in bbPress OR WordPress (not both). Then access bbPress or WordPress (whichever you used). Then test you can access admin panel. Then DELETE the plugin off your server. There is no reason to leave it there.

(you MUST leave the leading underscore “_” on the plugin name which makes it auto-load without having to activate it first. I have not tested it from the WP side but in theory should be fine.)

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