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Re: 1.0-Alpha-4, and the AJAX styles

oh right, well that’s even weirder… because my deleted posts gets deleted. they disappear. they don’t stick around in a new colour.

but… i’ve just had a look at the source code after i deleted something and you are right, they are still there. and a new style has been added to the

  • tag which says
  • style=”background-color: rgb(255, 51, 51); display: none;”

    is that display:none bit an error? because that is what is making it disappear.

    and also — i’ve just noticed that i get the ‘undelete’ link appear on every single post. even if it hasn’t been deleted. and it’s got a very strange class on it. it says

    class=’dim:thread:post-85:deleted:FF3333:FFFF33:action=delete-post&status=0 undelete-post’

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