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1.0-Alpha-4, and the AJAX styles

  • hi. i’ve got 1.0-Alpha-4 running and it seems to work pretty good, but there’s one little thing i’ve noticed.

    When you delete a reply, or add a topic to your favourites, for example — anything which induces AJAX to highlight the entry — the original CSS styles are not restored.


    i have my replies printed on a grey background. if i delete one of the replies, then it is briefly highlighted in red, before fading back to normal. but my original grey background is not restored — the CSS style has either been overwritten or removed.

    if i immediately refresh the screen, then the original style come back.

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  • John James Jacoby


    Hmm…. Well, deleted posts should always show as the reddish color, even after refreshing. It’s like that to remind you that the post you’re reading (as an admin) has been deleted.

    oh right, well that’s even weirder… because my deleted posts gets deleted. they disappear. they don’t stick around in a new colour.

    but… i’ve just had a look at the source code after i deleted something and you are right, they are still there. and a new style has been added to the

  • tag which says
  • style=”background-color: rgb(255, 51, 51); display: none;”

    is that display:none bit an error? because that is what is making it disappear.

    and also — i’ve just noticed that i get the ‘undelete’ link appear on every single post. even if it hasn’t been deleted. and it’s got a very strange class on it. it says

    class=’dim:thread:post-85:deleted:FF3333:FFFF33:action=delete-post&status=0 undelete-post’

No, it’s right. Mine does that too. They’re supposed to ‘hide’ when they’re deleted, and then you’ll see something like this :

TOPIC NAME (26 posts +2 more)

And if you click on 2 more you get the two missing posts in red and a ?view=all at the end of your URL.

can i just ask… are you seeing the ‘Delete’ and ‘Undelete’ link both together, at the same time?

I am seeing both, when i’m assuming there should only be one

Yeah, that’s new and (I think) wrong. I’m doing to raise a trac on it. And at some point, Sam is going to come through my monitor to smack me for making all these tractickets….

i fixed the other problem by the way. it was just me being dumb. i didn’t update one of my old templates with some of the new stuff that was added

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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