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  • OK, to answer the “where do I put the code question (0.8.1)…

    In functions.php, find the get_profile_info_keys() function, which should be on or around line 1761. In the line that starts with array('user_email'..., add the following code before the last “)” in the line. Note the comma.

    , 'sig' => array(0, __('Signature'))

    This will add the signature field to the profile edit page, enabling users to input their own signatures.

    Next, we need to add the code to display the signatures in their posts. In post.php, find this line (for me it was line 17):

    <div class="post"><?php post_text(); ?></div>

    BEFORE the closing div tag, add the following:

    <?php /*Is the signature field blank?*/
    if (get_sig( get_post_author_id() ) != "") { ?>
    <div class="signature"><?php post_sig(); ?></div>
    <?php } ?>

    (NOTE: Make sure the existing closing div tag still follows the code above.)

    This checks to see if a signature exists, and if it does it adds a nested div with the signature class stylization applied to it, and the content of the signature field is placed inside this div.

    Finally, add the following to your style sheet:

    .signature {
    border-top: 1px dotted #ccc;
    margin: 5px 0 0;
    padding: 5px 0 0;

    If you are using the default theme, this will style the signature div exactly like the poststuff div that follows it.

    Please note that (at this time) signatures are text-only. You may want to let your users know by adding a note in the functions.php array declaration. Something like 'Signature (text only)' would do the trick.

    I don’t know if it’s possible, but it would be nice if this plugin would be modified so that it can display images, links, and so on in the signature. Does anyone know how to do that?


    Just to echo what everyone else is saying, it would be very nice if WP integrated installations could view and edit ALL of the profile information that WP has available. On my blog/forum, the majority of my users register through the BBP side, which means that they don’t have a nickname set. I could always just point the profile link to the WP side, I suppose, but that doesn’t seem to be a good idea.

    If all of the info is already in wp_usermeta, how hard would it be to pull that into the profile editing page???

    I may be reading into his post, but it sounds like he wants a list of people that are currently online (?).

    If so, Thomas Klaiber’s Simple Onlinelist plugin gives you a template tag (<?php show_online_users(); ?>) that you can drop in anywhere to generate a simple list showing users currently online.

    You could modify the plugin to display some kind of message, an image, part of their profile. Anything you want to keep cold, Tommy Boy.

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    I noticed a typo in your code. I think you meant `<C. Montgomery Burns>Excellent</C. Montgomery Burns>.

    Just kidding.

    In reply to: Syntax questions

    So, if I have a Japanese installation (for example), it would translate “Hot Tags” into its Japanese equivalent?

    That makes sense. Thanks for the info.

    In reply to: Plugin: bbMenu 1.1

    Null, thanks for the help. Yeah, going into the table isn’t a whole lot of fun, but this isn’t something that would need to be changed very often.

    PM is private messaging, i.e. this plugin:


    The plugin adds a page (/yourforum/pm.php) that lets you read/write private messages to other users. Because it is a static page, you can define the address in the table.

    What would be really great, though, is a way to make the links dynamic. The PM plugin also comes with a notification function where users can be given an alert when they visit the forum letting them know a new message has arrived. The tab would say something like “Private Messages (1)” or something like that. Unfortunately, since the page addresses are stored in the DB, I can’t really think of a way to do this.

    As far as wanting to see it, you can check my forum here:


    I have it locked down so you have to register, which addresses the issue you mentioned above. However, you can log in using:

    user: just a test

    password: justatest (no spaces)

    Thanks again for the plugin!

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    Worked right away for me, using the “refresh” mentioned above.

    Is there an easy way to add tabs, and also to customize existing tabs? For instance, I use the PM plugin, and I would like to have a menu item that goes to the main PM page. How would I do this?

    Thanks, I appreciate it.

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    I had that same problem, and it just went away on its own (?). One situation in which you will get the Topic Closed message (even when it is open) is if you look for a page that is beyond the actual number of pages in a topic. Sometimes (I don’t know why), after posting it will take you to a page that does not yet exist, thus giving that message.

    I got rid of front page topics, and that seemed to fix the problem. But, since you’re not running front page topics, I have no idea why that would happen.

    Sorry, but I wanted to bump this to the front to see if anyone could help me out.

    Where is it in the post/edit routine that BBP converts line breaks to <br> tags and double-line breaks to <p> tags. If someone could point me in the right direction, I’m sure I could just add that routine to the private message post/edit plugin so it would work the same way as normal posts do.

    Thanks in advance for any help you can give.

    In reply to: Why Key Masters?

    Will there also be a corresponding “gate keeper” title in 1.0? Just curious.

    As somewhat of a novice in the mysql world, all I really know is what works for me. However, I do think that your suggestion would work.

    One concern would be that some wp-specific data would be missing from the bbp-only users. Again, I don’t exactly know what that would be.

    I don’t know if there is a quick and easy way to modify the user IDs in WP, since they are going to be associated with posts, comments, and so on. That might be more trouble than it is worth. It might be easier to just create new users in WP and change their ID numbers before they are associated with anything else. Then, delete the “old” users one by one in WP, and each time make sure you set the “Attribute posts and links to:” option to the new, highly-numbered user it should correspond to. At least that way you could add the bbp users in without conflicts.

    There may be a fancy, streamlined way to do this, but I don’t know what it is. :)

    I had the same epiphany as you did when I learned that bbpress existed.

    Here’s what I did:

    1. I looked at the currently registered users in WP (I only had a few) and noted their numeric ID numbers. I then went over to my phpbb database to see which users they would conflict with (i.e. which ones had the same unique numeric ID number).

    2. I used a phpbb mod which allowed me to go into these users’ profiles and change their ID (not their name) to a number that would not conflict with the WP users, or any other user in the DB.

    At this time, phpbb.com is having trouble with their mod downloads, so I just uploaded the mod file to my own server. You can view the complete mod here:


    It takes about 10 minutes total to make all of the changes. Basically, what it does is add a field to the user’s profile when viewed by an administrator. In this field you can change their ID number to whatever you want it to be.

    So, once the mod has been implemented, go through and change the ID number for whichever users conflict with your existing WP users.

    3. Once you have gotten rid of all user ID conflicts, download Jaime GÓMEZ OBREGÓN’s incredible phpbb to bbpress importer, which can be found here:


    You will need to edit the file so that it reflects your DB permissions for both the phpbb and the bbpress databases. Also, if you are running a WP integrated installation (as you obviously are), you will need to change the prefixes for a couple of tables further down in the code.

    Change lines 172 and 173 from:

    $bbpress_tables['users'] = DB_BBPRESS_TABLEPREFIX . 'users';
    $bbpress_tables['usermeta'] = DB_BBPRESS_TABLEPREFIX . 'usermeta';


    $bbpress_tables['users'] = 'wp_users';
    $bbpress_tables['usermeta'] = 'wp_usermeta';

    Note: be sure that you use the actual WP table prefix if it is something different than wp_. This change will make the importer put the users into your existing wp_ tables instead of in new bb_ tables, which would defeat the whole point of your import.

    Once you have modified the file, upload it and navigate your browser to it. It should run automatically, importing all of your phpbb info into your bbpress installation.

    4. At this point my memory gets a little fuzzy. In either WP or BBP (or both?), the imported users did not have a role assigned to them. Make sure you check to see what role they are assigned and that it is what you want it to be.

    Of course, before you do anything you should backup your existing WP database, and probably your phpbb database as well just in case. Then, scrap the bbpress tables that you have in the current (broken) installation so the importer has a blank canvas to work with.

    You will also need to install the bbpress integration plugin in WP, which can be found here:


    This plugin will assign the default WP new subscriber role to users who register through bbpress. However, on my blog/forum I changed things around a bit so registrations for both WP and BBP are handled through the WP registration screen. I don’t know why, but I’m just more comfortable with it that way.

    I’m sure as time goes by more plugins from both sides will be developed which will allow for even tighter integration between WP and BBP.

    Good luck!

    He does make a good point, though. Most people can’t/won’t figure out how to use html code in their posts. Heck, for many people who use my forum, the bbcode in phpbb was too difficult for them to figure out. It’s not that the people installing/administering BBP can’t figure out what they are doing (although his post does make me a little nervous about his ability to maintain a board), it’s the general public using the board that are likely to have trouble.

    The quicktags are nice, but you still have to know a little about opening/closing tags (and what they all mean) in order to use them appropriately. This is one area that I think many plugins will address as BBP becomes more popular and stable.

    In reply to: Quote Plugin Weirdness

    Let’s see if it does…

    This is the opening of the first blockquote.

    This is the opening of the nested blockquote.

    This is after the closing of the nested blockquote.

    This is after the closing of the first blockquote.

    Now, how’d she do???

    UPDATE: Nope. It automatically closes the first blockquote tag before it will open another one.

    Any ideas on how to make this work better?

    Just an update… it does work when breaks and paragraphs are hard coded in, just not automatically.

    Thanks for checking into this.

    Check and see why it is doing that. I had a similar problem whenever I would post a reply on a topic, and again when my pagination was different than the pagination in the “Topic Pages plugin.” It would say the forum was closed, even though it wasn’t.

    The problem there was that it was looking for a page/post that was beyond the actual page/post count. If that’s the case, it might have something to do with the link to the topic. On your influx of dreams post I was able to get a Topic Closed message by adding &page=2 to the end of the URL.

    I’m not saying that’s the problem, but maybe that will give you a place to start.

    I might also suggest to the BBP gods that it would be nice to find a solution so that if a user jumps beyond the current number of pages/posts/topics/whatever, it would display the last activity in that topic instead of the Topic Closed message.

    Several people have asked for additional capabilities to be added to this plugin:

    1. That an e-mail alert would be sent out every time a member received a new private message, and

    2. That a “PM this user” link could be added to the profile page.

    I know ardentfrost is busy, so I have posted instructions on how to modify the plugin files so you can do these two things.

    You can view the instructions here:


    Please e-mail me if you have any questions (mike at wittmania dot com). Thanks again to ardentfrost for this exceptional plugin!

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    user name: just a test (note the spaces)

    password: justatest (no spaces)

    This is a WP/BBP installation for my upcoming 10 year class reunion. I originally launched the site as static pages and a phpbb board. However, about a month ago I put WP behind it to manage updates, add payment collection capabilities, and rotating ads. After that I added a bbpress installation, which is integrated with WP. I used the phpbb import plugin, with some minor tweaks, to bring all of the posts and users over from phpbb. I’ve made minor changes here and there to the default template, and I am using most of the available plugins. So far my classmates haven’t had any trouble with anything, and it has been much easier to manage and moderate the boards, especially with MUCH less spam and bogus user registrations than on phpbb.


    Sam, I am on .8.1, but it is working fine now.

    This plugin doesn’t play nicely with the Front Page Topics plugin. I had it set to show 25 posts per page on topics pages, so I would only have 2 or 3 pages, whereas your plugin would count 5 or 6. When I would click on a link to a page that was beyond the actual pagination, I would get a “This topic is closed” message. I went ahead and just deleted the Front Page Topics plugin and it is working fine now.

    Would there be a way to change the number of posts per page in your plugin from the default 10, or better yet to look for the front page topics and count based on the options in that plugin? Just curious.


    It’s not working for me…

    On topics with a single page, I get this error:

    Bad arguments. in blah blah blah/bbpress/
    my-plugins/page-links.php on line 68

    When I click on a page link, I get this error:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: is_tags() in
    /blah blah blah/bbpress/
    my-plugins/page-links.php on line 33

    Any idea what’s wrong?

    Also, I would recommend that you add an option for the links to be text-only instead of the CSS/image based ones. Thanks for putting this plugin out for all of us.

    it is doing it again now… Trent, please stop by and see if it does it for you.


    Try the Forum Restriction plugin:


    or maybe the Force Login plugin:


    I haven’t used the Forum Restriction one, but from the description it sounds like you can set up forums that will only allow the users you specify to view/post in whichever forums you restrict. This would also allow you to have a “public” area where prospective users/students/whatever could browse around. The only downside would be that you would have to manually add users to the “whitelist” each time someone registers. Still, it is a pretty simple way to accomplish what you’re looking for.

    If you use Force Login, it will at least require that a person be registered and logged in in order to view your content. Since anyone can register, your content would be public to that extent. Good news, though, is that you don’t have to add users to the whitelist. Bad news is that ongoing administration would include deleting unauthorized users whenever they register.

    Plan A means plenty of admin up front (and each cycle) to set up authorized users. Plan B means ongoing (and variable) admin to get rid of unauthorized users if/when they register.

    Good luck!

    Trent, it is at lne97.com/bbpress/

    However, it isn’t doing it anymore. I have no idea what changed. My only guess is that I logged out as the keymaster, logged in as a “dummy” subscriber, and then logged back in as an administrator.


    So, by default, members will be logged in/remembered until they officially log out? Good to know.

    In reply to: User ID = 999999999?

    Can anyone enlighten me/us as to how to reset that auto increment using phpmyadmin or something similar? I doubt it is causing any real problems, but it still is kind of ugly.

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