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  • Spencerp, I was just messing with you. Trying to lighten the mood since people were feeling misunderstood and being labeled as *snooty*. I don’t really think you’re a tool. Sorry.

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    I did run the conversion, but it didn’t work very well because I ended up with duplicate IDs, and therefore posts from phpbb were attributed to the wrong authors in cases where their IDs conflicted.

    Now that you mention it, I wonder if the phpbb importer makes a change so that all new registrations would start at 999999999 just so there couldn’t possibly be any conflicts. I don’t know enough about mysql to know if that’s the case (or if it is, how to “fix” it), but if I were the one building the importer, I would probably add a feature like that, though I think a number around one billion might be a bit of overkill!

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    Dear rose01,

    All your base are belong to us.


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    As The Animals said, “Oh, Lord, please don’t let me be misunderstood!”

    Kessel, you may need to try this plugin: Usernames I18N Fix. I had the same problem b/c I had a space in my username and it wouldn’t recognize it. I’m not sure if you can install the plugin before you have run the install routine. If not, go back into WP and create a new user with a *very* simple name, give the dummy user admin rights, and then go through the install. Once you’re in, go to your *real* username, make it a keymaster, and if you have this plugin running you should be all set.

    And don’t be such a tool, spencerp. Sheesh. Give the new guy a break.

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    From doing a quick search in Dreamweaver for bb_option, I found several different parameters that can be passed to the bb_option() function, as listed below:

    1. version
    2. uri
    3. admin_email
    4. name
    5. path

    I’m sure there are more, but I don’t know what they would be. Also, for this specific application you could just hard-code in your site’s uri, and the only dynamic portion would be the number tacked onto the end. But, since code is poetry, the bb_option() method seemed much more poetic to me.

    As for the get_post_author_id() function, I think I just scrounged around in other files (including plugins) until I found one that looked like it would work. And it does.

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    I looked at the tables in another WP install and fixed this one so that it matched. We’ll see if I run into any trouble…

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    OK… so I do have access to phpMyAdmin, which may not be such a good thing.

    Somehow I got some things crossed up so I am now getting these messages from within the wp_users table:

    !!! PRIMARY and INDEX keys should not both be set for column ID

    !!!More than one INDEX key was created for column ID

    !!!UNIQUE and INDEX keys should not both be set for column user_login

    Here is the raw text of the indexes from that page:


    Keyname Type Cardinality Action Field


    user_login UNIQUE 5 Edit Drop user_login

    user_login_key INDEX None Edit Drop user_login

    ID_2 INDEX None Edit Drop ID

    ID_3 INDEX None Edit Drop ID

    ID_4 INDEX None Edit Drop ID

    This is a longshot, but can you tell what I messed up, and how I should fix it? Sorry. I really appreciate the help.

    While I wait for a response I will be banging my head against my desk for not backing up the DB before I started messing around with it. :(

    One thing you may run into is conflicting user IDs between phpbb users and existing wordpress/bbpress users. If so, you can change the user IDs in phpbb before you import it by using this mod:


    By changing the user IDs in phpbb to 99991, 99992, and so on, so they don’t conflict when they come over.

    One problem I ran into was that I already had a few existing users on the wordpress side, which led to conflicting unique user IDs. I got the importer to work, but some of the posts were under the wrong user names b/c of conflicting unique user IDs between wordpress/bbpress and the old phpbb board I tried to import.

    I haven’t been able to try it yet (phpbb.com is down), but they have a mod called Change User ID that seems to do exactly what its name suggests. If so, I intend to use it to change the three user IDs that are conflicting from 2, 3, and 6 to 99992, 99993, and 99996 respectively. That way, when I import the phpbb tables there will just be “blanks” in the sequential unique user IDs for the existing wordpress IDs to fit into.

    Hope this is helpful…

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