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  • Just wanted to send a quick “thank you!”

    The queries worked perfectly, as far as I can tell. (I had to change some of the table names from wp_ to bb_, since I’m not using integration, but other than that it all worked flawlessly.)

    Some of my spam users went as far back as 6 years from when I imported everything to bbPress from phpBB, so it was definitely time for some housecleaning.

    Thanks again for the assistance.

    Thanks again for the swift response. I am somewhat familiar and comfortable with phpMyAdmin and MySQL. I’m not at all familiar with the bbPress schema, though.

    I regularly backup the database anyway, but I’ll certainly make a special backup just before running any manual modifications just in case.

    _ck_, thanks for the query. Could I delete all the users returned by that query? I notice there’s also a table of user meta data; could I delete those based on the IDs returned by that query as well? Again, I’m not familiar with the bbPress schema, so I don’t know if there are any dependencies or foreign keys to worry about.

    Thanks for the speedy reply. I just installed the Human Test plugin today, thankfully. I wish I knew about it sooner; perhaps I wouldn’t have this mess to clean up now. :-)

    At any rate, I’m not integrated—it’s a stand-alone forum. I’m running MySQL 4.1.16, according to phpMyAdmin.

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    Wonderful, thank you!

    Is there a utility that will re-generate the slugs for me? Manually changing the database isn’t really a viable option for me, I’m afraid. I have thousands of posts and no way of immediately knowing which were affected by this issue.

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    During the upgrade. Admittedly, I haven’t tried it when making new topics with duplicate names yet.

    I noticed there are a lot of changes to the default theme in this security update. My custom theme was heavily based on the default; will I somehow have to locate and propagate these changes to my custom theme? Or were the changes merely cosmetic?

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    Well, I’ve found the solution! Apparently, ModRewrite doesn’t count the query string as part of the URL, so it needs to be addressed separately. These rules did the trick:

    RewriteEngine On
    RewriteBase /forums/
    RewriteCond %{QUERY_STRING} ^t=([0-9]+)$
    RewriteRule ^viewtopic.php$ /forums/topic/%1 [R,L]

    I second this. I particularly like suggest number 2.

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    Well, I’m still having trouble getting this working. Indeed, all I’d like to do is redirect existing links to the new topics; I don’t want to change the permalink structure or anything else.

    I’ve tried escaping the dot and question mark, but it’s still not rewriting the URL. I’m wondering, at this point, if ModRewrite can handle urls with parameters in them. I’ve tried some other quick tests (RewriteRule ^/forums/$ /forums/topic/1/) and it worked no problem, so ModRewrite isn’t the problem itself.

    Any other suggestions?

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    Thanks; the advice in that thread worked perfectly.

    Thanks! Worked like a charm. :)

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    Thanks, Trent. I’ll give the plugin fix a shot and keep an eye on the ticket. :-)

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    Hi chrishajer,

    Thanks for the help. I’m using Windows XP Home with SP2 installed and XAMPP as the web server.

    I tried a test installation on a private subdomain on the actual web host hardware and it is indeed working there, but since I’d ultimately like to try developing themes and plugins, it would be a lot more convenient if I could work on this locally. (I actually run a complete mirror of my site locally for development purposes. Since the site is somewhat complicated as a whole, it’s important for me to test everything on the non-live site before I flip the metaphorical switch.)

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    Hi chrishajer,

    It seems like a similar problem, for sure. Is there a fix for it? I’m using version 0.8. According to that thread, this issue should only occur in older versions.

    Incidentally, I’m not using any custom templates or plugins. It’s an “out-of-the-box” install of 0.8.

    You’re probably just in the “sandbox.”

    If your entire website is new, then Google can take up to 6 months before it will appear on the index. If you’re unsure, I’d recommend signing up for Google’s sitemap service. The sitemaps interface lets you check how often your site has been crawled. If Google is crawling your site, but it’s not listed yet, then there’s a good chance you’re just waiting in the sandbox for a little while.

    Brilliant; thanks so much, jaim3!

    Perfect. Thanks, ergate!

    What about putting your blog at and putting the forum at

    Or, at least have forward to automatically.

    I am not a fan of splash screens.

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    There’s a phpBB importer script available in this thread:

    But it doesn’t convert BBCode yet. I think that feature is in the works, though.

    You can search here:

    (I have no idea why there isn’t a link to that page from the main page, or even in the main bbPress theme, but that’s a different topic altogether. ;-)

    As far as I understand, to uninstall and re-install you’d only have to drop the tables from the database. Unless you changed the template files or something, I don’t think you’d need to delete any of the files.

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    The ability to delete a forum would be nice. Perhaps with the option to have the containing posts either deleted or moved to a different one.

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    My mistake; you’re absolutely right — it only displays deleted posts. :-)

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    One more quick note: the imported posts don’t seem to appear in the admin interface, even after re-counting everything and such.

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    OK, I gave the script a shot and it imported everything very nicely!

    The only snag is that the bbCodes weren’t stripped or converted in the process, so many of the posts end up looking like gibberish. Also, sticky threads and announcements weren’t converted as such, although that’s less of an issue.

    I certainly hope there’s enough demand for this script to justify adding these features. Otherwise, nice job! :-)

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    brunotorre, you’re a life saver! I’ll give the script a test shot tonight, and I’ll let you know how it goes. :-)

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