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WP/BBPress Directory Structure Suggestion

  • Thank you for bbpress!

    This thread comes close to answering my question but misses an important concept “where should bbpress code reside to integrate best with wordpress?”:

    The directory structure I am planning on using: (splash screen, redirect to /blog or whatever)


       |—/blog/ (wordpress code in this subdirectory)


       |—/forum/ (bbpress code in this subdirectory)


    Incase the spaces compress I’ll show that another way: (wordpress) (bbpress)

    Am I making a mistake to not use this directory structure:



       …      |


                … (wordpress) (bbpress)

    OR here’s a silly one. Noting that wordpress and bbpress seem to share the same filename only with index.php, should all code be in the same directory: (wordpress and bbpress code here with some magic done to the index.php file? like index.php for wordpress and renaming bbpress’ to index-bb.php)

    Which directory structure is going to make for the happiest co-existence of wordpress and bbpress with the intention of having them seemlessly interact? My gut feeling is that it just doesn’t matter as long as wp-config.php gets included within the config.php for bbpress.

    Thank you!

    Doug McCaughan

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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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