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Change or remove “sticky” text

  • Is it possible for a forum administrator to change or remove the label “Sticky?”

    I run a support forum used by a broad range of folks, and the term “sticky” is sometimes being interpreted as “tricky” or “difficult.”

    (Also, for clarification, I don’t wish to “unstickify” the topic; I just don’t want the text “Sticky” to appear in the topic’s title.)

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  • Aaron


    Yes it is possible.

    If you havent done it already, create a folder at the root of your bbpress install called my-templates, copy front-page.php from bb-templates into my-templates. Edit front-page.php in my-templates, go to around line 44 and you will find the “Sticky” text, change it there.



    Oh cool! I’ve been looking for this!

    Perfect. Thanks, ergate!

    How can this be done in bbPress

    Got it : you have to add a snippet of code to replace the topic tag function within the stickies area on the front page.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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