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How to PERMANENTLY delete a post?

  • Hi, this is a newbie to bbPress. Thanks for the great work.

    Just want to ask before deploying the code into a semi-production environment.

    It’s great to hear that deleted posts can be undeleted.

    But, how am I going to clean up posts that I’m sure I no longer need anymore?

    I pay for web hosting and don’t have a very large database.

    Thanks a lot. Take care.


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  • Short of actually going through the database and deleting the topics using phpmyadmin, I don’t know of any tool that is available to delete the posts that ‘already’ deleted! I would imagine that a plugin could be written to do this for you, but in terms of space, I don’t think that a post takes up very much space in the database, but your point is taken with great attention! I would love a simple plugin to do this as well to clean up posts and topics and there are many great code writers that use this forum and I wouldn’t be suprised if one comes up to do just this!

    Nice point!


    In my case, I would like to see the following capabilities be added into the code:

    1. Deleting a particular “deleted” post. (e.g. I certainly wouldn’t want to see a post packed with profane wordings again. NOT EVEN in my admin panel.)

    2. Automatic/Manual cleanup of “deleted” post (e.g. Removing all “deleted” posts that are older than 6 months / 1 year / 2 years….)

    3. Automatic/Manual cleanup of all posts (e.g. Removing all topics that had no replies in the last 6 months / 1 year / 2 years….)

    Thanks a lot!


    I second this. I particularly like suggest number 2.

    Maybe one of the plugin creators will make this a reality for you! I am sure it would be a good idea!


    God only knows why the option to permanently delete posts wasn’t put in to start with. It seems like a no brainer really

    It is strange isn’t it. I guess it is the ‘gmail’ approach of never really deleting anything. I believe someone put up a TRAC ticket on this issue for 1.0’s release though.


    I’ve been wondering about this too. Some sort of ‘purge deletion cache’ button (well, I guess it’s like emptying the trash can) would be great.

    I’d also like to see some perma-delete functionality. The phantom posts are a little annoying.

    Funny it still hasn’t been implemented yet (, first time I encounter a forum software that doesn’t delete posts from the database.



    Why does it matter? I’m curious.

    “Why does it matter? I’m curious.”

    1- Makes up for a long list when you’ve deleted hundreds of posts/topics

    2- Bloats the database for absolutely nothing

    Doesn’t matter, I’m about to remove bbPress from my WP installation, not enough Admin control.





    Good luck to you. I replied to your other post about removing it from your system.

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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