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  • @ipunkbali…..have you set up an account, verified your site and lodged a xml sitemap in Google Webmaster?

    I’ve had this experience as well on

    Checked the option to move the topics into another forum but they were ALL deleted :(



    Thank you so much _ck_ & Gautam, it worked perfectly.

    Hi Trent, it’s been a long time. Good to see you around this neck of the woods.

    Thanks for sharing the plugin.

    Is Buddypress any good?

    I have found a developer that can do this for us at a reasonable price.

    It will be done as a plugin with no changes to core files. Will include double password entry for vertification, captcha resolution and outbound welcome email containing username and user selected password.

    Please contact me admin (at) glamrock.com and we can get it figured out. It could potentially be tested and road ready in a couple of days.


    Sir, that is a brilliant idea and one that is of great interest to me as well.

    Half of my forum members have ‘Never’ logged on so I surveyed them as I have their email address. In a sample of 100 surveys sent, 28 replied –

    * 17 couldn’t recall receiving an email

    * 7 couldn’t remember why they didn’t complete registering

    * 4 said the password provided in the email wasn’t inviting

    I think the current registration functionality is fine for a hobby forum but once you start paying for traffic, you will never receive an optimum return on investment.

    I’m totally with you on this but maybe for different reasons.

    People are impatient and on the internet, they want it NOW. I’ve got hundreds of never logged on sign ups plus I paid good money on AdWords to acquire them.

    With emailed passwords, there’s 2 weak points. Your mail server, and the new members mail server. If the email doesn’t arrive within their expectations of time, they register a new username. If either mail server experiences an outage, there are 2 registrations on the memberlist that ‘Never’ logged on and aren’t likely because “that site sucks”.

    A registration form, customizable fields user chooses their own password and a captcha in the form. Now that makes sense to me.

    Been thinking about this post all day today. I think the concept is absolutely brilliant.

    On my forum, it’s hard enough to find a moderator let alone keep one.

    Chairperson’s not the right name for it but I know what you mean. It’s more a thread host who has ‘influence’ over behavior, culture and discussion much like a dinner host would have in their own home.

    I could see this working in an automated environment based on post count. For example, a post count of 100 allows thread creators to host the thread, giving them moderator authority to issue warnings, unable to be ignored by other members and the power to delete posts.

    I don’t think they should be allowed to edit posts though otherwise it is possible to allow little dictators to run riot, rewriting history. Censorship is a killer of faith and confidence in communities. Besides, deleted posts can be undeleted if an affected member makes a report to the keymaster.

    Great idea. I like it from the point of view as a new step in the development of self managing communities. Very forward thinking of you.

    Thank you so much for replying and posting such valuable information.

    You’ll be pleased to know that I followed your tips and got a local hosting company (in Australia) that are just a phone call away without having to listen to Santana while on hold for 40 minutes.

    The transfer went smoothly and the DNS propogated in like 5 hours. It all went pretty good.

    Before the migration, my site had been without email for 4 days because the old host (IX Webhosting) was so fucking useless. I am pleased to report that the site is generating as much email as a spammers computer.

    Thank you again

    >If you add CSS for #thread1 or remove the 1 from the end of the

    ><ol id=”#thread” in your theme, it works fine (I just tried it.)

    It didn’t for me. When I edited out the “1”, the design went to crap. I had avatars all over the page so I had to put it back the way it was to keep the site operational.

    Thank you so much for taking the time to looking into this for me. I really appreciate it but I guess my understanding isn’t sufficient enough to explore this any further.

    Sorry. Have a look in the second post on this “thread”….


    There’s a policy on the site to limit pics to 600px width but no one takes any notice of it. A technical solution would be awesome.


    fel64, I can’t see a good reason why I should spend money to upgrade because it’s not something that I can do. Plus I’m worried if all the plugins I’m using work after the transition. Plus I’m not sure if I’ll be going to a different software solution which supports social networking better.

    With regards to pics<600px breaking the site, I’ve tried these additions in the style.css file like you said :

    #thread li {

    min-height: 200px; /* <– add this line */

    padding: 1.5em 1.0em;

    line-height: 1.5em;


    overflow: auto;

    #thread li ol, #thread li ul { margin-left: 40px; }

    #thread li ol li, #thread li ul li { padding: 0; }

    and I’ve tried :

    #thread li {

    min-height: 200px; /* <– add this line */

    padding: 1.5em 1.0em;

    line-height: 1.5em;


    #thread li img {

    max-width: 600px;

    #thread li ol, #thread li ul { margin-left: 40px; }

    #thread li ol li, #thread li ul li { padding: 0; }

    Please forgive my poor development skills. Marketing is my thing.

    Mine is a integrated installation and I’ve tried all the tips on this page and none have worked thus far :-(

    The design can only bear a 600 pixel width limit.

    I have no backslashes (“”) at all in my pluggable.php file :-(

    However, while I have the same problem of NO OUTBOUND EMAIL when I tested, it must work sometimes because I got some new members yesterday that are posting. But I’ve got a bunch of others whose last log on was “NEVER”….hmmmm

    Something is definitely wrong

    The update works perfectly.

    One other feature about this plugin that needs to be highlighted is right below the post creation box, appears the prechecked option of auto favoriting the topic. This gives the member the option to opt-out of favoriting the topic.

    This is another fantastic feature of this plugin.

    What would be better is if could be automatically activated when a new account is created. Currently, the only way to activate it is manually.

    Is this possible?

    Olaf, what’s happening is if the keymaster has it activated in their profile, it will appear prechecked in a members profile but not actually activated. If the plugin is inactive in the keymasters profile, then it is unchecked in the members profile irrespective if the member has activated it or not.

    The behavior from an administrators point of view is quite strange.

    I believe the best solution is for the option to be active when an account is created rather than manually activated.

    Also, if I post on an existing thread, I get an email telling me that I have posted. That could be considered unnecessary.

    So what is happening is only the account holder can activate this feature in their profile.

    Would it be possible to make it so that Key Master and Administrator can activate this feature in members profiles?

    Gee, that is brilliant. Thank you.

    Just one little problem. When I’m logged in as admin, and activate the plugin in an account other than mine, it’s checked and looks like it’s ready to go. However, when I log back in as the member, it’s not checked and of course not activated.

    Log back in as admin, and it’s checked and looks like it’s ready to go.

    Actually, when logged in as admin it looks like for all existing accounts the plugin is checked active as default. From the member accounts, it’s not.

    As admin, I’d like to go through and activate this for my members but it is not possible. Only the member can activate this plugin.

    What’s required to enable admin to activate this plugin in member profiles?

    In reply to: GlamRock.com

    Thank you for your replies, Very much appreciated.

    In reply to: Plugin: Say My Name

    Great plugin fella’s.

    One question. The members of my forum are lazy.

    How can I make it so that this feature is ‘prechecked’ when a new account is created?

    The default for this (when an account is created) is unchecked.

    How do I go about changing that so that the default for Favorite Notification is “checked” when the account is created?

    In reply to: GlamRock.com

    Thank you in advance

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