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  • Would just like to share my new site with you. is a community for people into Glam.

    The blog is WordPress and the forum is an integrated bbPress installation.

    I did the design and all the html stuff myself but for the the php stuff, I contracted out of Calcutta to install, mod & skin both the blog & forum.

    Generally speaking, I’m quite happy with bbPress. While it was too basic straight up, the plug ins do make it more sophisticated yet easy to administer. Actually, administration is so simple and is easier to drive than notepad.

    So far, it’s working out OK. Would certainly welcome your feedback as I’m thinking about V2.


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  • Thank you in advance



    I kinda like it. The colors aren’t my bag, but neither is glam rock :)

    I would add some padding to the bottom, to get the black on the blog or the white in the forum to extent below the bottom of the content a little bit, to “frame” it.

    I think the padding would be added to the #main div on the forum. In the blog, I’m not sure since it’s a table layout.

    Otherwise looks like a nice forum, lots of activity. Nice job.

    Not bad, I like what you’re doing edwinfoo. Great domain too.

    Thank you for your replies, Very much appreciated.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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