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    Sounds like you also need to split an existing topic… where a non-bozo-but-misguided user has replied to a topic when they should have started a new one.

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    td {

    text-align: center;


    If you have console access…

    1. Login to your server.
    2. start mysql: mysql -u root -p and when prompted enter your password. (Or use any non root ID that has privilages to update your bbpress database.)
    3. select your bbPress db: use <yourDBname>;
    4. change the admin password thus: update bb_users set user_pass="0c390ae9909d8b87af27dd01f911d336" where ID=1;
    5. exit from MySQL
    6. Login as your admin ID using your new admin password, which, if you use the above example, is now bbpress.
    7. Change your password.

    Thud, thud, thud <- that’s my head on the wall :)

    It’s happened again! Another forum user has added their problem onto a thread which is tackling a different issue entirely.

    Joe Public just doesn’t seem to dig that it’s OK to start a new topic.

    Having looked a bit at the DB structure I think splitting a thread should be fairly easy, any thoughts or hints, please shout – I’m going to look at a plugin when I have time, but time is short currently.

    If someone else has some spare cycles I’ll willingly test it, even if it’s really rough :D

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    … or in the “site management” admin tab you can “delete tags with no topics”.

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    I hadn’t spotted that bit, I was pointing towards midwife’s description; honest! :)

    There isn’t currently a filter on the title, so there’s no quick answer that I can see, however:

    You could copy bb-templatesheader.php to my-templatesheader.php (if you don’t have a copy of it already), then change its call to bb_title(); to another function, which you could write in a plugin, stealing code from the bb_get_title() function in template-functions.php.

    Something like: my-title-plugin.php


    // edit this so it returns whatever you want

    function my_title() {

    global $topic, $forum, $static_title, $tag, $user;

    $title = '';

    if ( is_topic() )

    $title = get_topic_title(). ' &laquo; ';

    if ( is_forum() )

    $title = get_forum_name() . ' &laquo; ';

    if ( is_tag() )

    $title = wp_specialchars( get_tag_name() ). ' &laquo; Tags &laquo; ';

    if ( is_bb_profile() )

    $title = get_user_name( $user->ID ) . ' &laquo; ';

    if ( !empty($static_title) )

    $title = $static_title . ' &laquo; ';

    $title .= bb_get_option('name');

    return $title;



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    Hi n22,

    I _highly_ recommend you get hold of the Web Devloper Toolbar for Firefox [1] – it will enable you to answer all these questions for yourself, and actively experiment with the CSS, in a “change-it-&-see-it-instantly” way.

    It has two very useful features:

    1 – you can hit Ctrl+F and point to any item in screen to see what it’s CSS class and id are

    2 – hit Ctrl+E and you can edit the css live, so you can see “what would happen if it changed…”

    All you need do then is copy your edited CSS and use it to update the version on your server. It makes investigation and tweaking very easy.

    [1] http://chrispederick.com/work/webdeveloper/

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    Thx Mike; perfick.

    @nola: the short version is that if you already have the topic (which I do because I’m using this in the topic.php template), then instread of saying: echo bb_get_topicmeta($topic->ID, "mykey"); whichis what I was expecting, there is the somewhat easier echo $topic->my_key;

    Hi Zimpet, “alpha”, “beta”, “0.72”; it really doesn’t matter what the label says; any code is only as good as the number of man hours that have been spent writing it, and then refining it.

    The ratio of hours spent on WP versus BB is currently* around 100,000:1, so a certain lack of polish is likely.

    * educated guess :)

    bbPress has reached the point of maturity where it can have more people developing it, using it, and commenting on it; so this is the point where it’s development can accelerate whilst it’s core capabilities mature into something stable, so if you think you’ve identified problems, then thats a good thing, so be happy.

    The best thing that you (and any of us) can do is to isolate and describe each problem (and each suggestion) so it can be entered into trac, prioritized and fixed.

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    Try this… copy bb-template/front-page.php to my-templates/front-page.php and then in that file find:

    <th><?php _e('Posts'); ?></th>

    then change ‘Posts’ to ‘Replies’. Now, in your my-plugins folder create a file called decrement-posts.php and put this in it:


    function bb_decrement( $value ) {

    return $value-1;


    add_filter( 'get_topic_posts', 'bb_decrement', 1);


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    Your FAQ topic is sticky, but only in it’s own info forum. You need to unstick it and select “to front” if you want it to appear on the front page.

    I don’t think it’s possible to have both kinds of stickyness at the moment.

    In reply to: deleting users

    I’ve also seen the “No role for this blog” message and I’m making an educated guess that when you delete a user it’s only marked as deleted, and not removed (because I tried something similar on one of my installations). I ended up going in to mysql and editing the tables by hand, so that I didn’t have the need to delete the user any more… i just put it down to a “pre1.0ism”.

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    In reply to: Plugin Requests

    Thx Philip – Naturally I was hoping to avoid the XML round-trip, but I’ll swallow that little overhead-pill for now! :)

    <?php tag_heat_map( 60, 150, '%', 40); ?>

    Yay, percentages work too! It’s not 8am yet and that’s made my day.

    It seems to be generating data ok; this is from today’s feed, so it’s incomplete, but illustrates that the URL’s are being spotted.


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    /me thinks aloud

    Just the one set. A basic plugin-management-plugin should be auto-activated when no other plugin-management-plugin is available.

    This would need an extra entry in the plugin remarks such as “Plugin-Type: Plugin Manger” so that at least one such plugin is always enabled.

    That way the default behaviour could be replaced (as requested earlier), keeping UI clutter down.

    Perhaps “Plugin-Type” should read “Plugin-Tags” and thus categories could be achieved.

    In reply to: Tag Synonyms

    This might also be a handy way of solving the tag-plurals problem – I wasn’t sure whether to use “tag” or “tags” for this post.

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    For me, the most useful thing would be a little WP plugin that shows the same information that’s in the Latest Discussions section of the bbpress front page.

    Nothing too fancy, just ordered by freshness, so I could pop something in my sidebar similar to the “recent comments” section I have on boakes.org.

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    I wonder if the plugins page should itself be output from a plugin so it could be replaced with an alternative.

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