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deleting users

  • FOr some reason, when I created a new user I never got the e-mail. After trying a few times, unsucessfully to resend the e-mail I deleted the user so that I could re-create it. Immediately after clicking Submit I got an User Not Found message.

    Now, my user list contains a blank entry:

    ID Username Registered Since Actions

    0 Edit

    If I try re registering, it wont let me use that name again. (Name is invalid)

    Also, why does it say “No role for this blog” in the user list?

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  • btw, my installation is at – come log on while I figure this out.. overnighters, unite! :)

    I’ve also seen the “No role for this blog” message and I’m making an educated guess that when you delete a user it’s only marked as deleted, and not removed (because I tried something similar on one of my installations). I ended up going in to mysql and editing the tables by hand, so that I didn’t have the need to delete the user any more… i just put it down to a “pre1.0ism”.

    Well that’s just silly. WHile I understand not being able to recreate the account (and then “stealing” credit for all the posts made by the old user) it shouldn’t just blank out the information.. how about marking it as “banned” and turning the background red? (BTW, if you delete a user, what happens to all the posts they made? Do the by-fields all turn blank?)

    (By the way, I just the notes under deleting a user… my bad!)

    John Carman


    To undelete a user, do I just change the user_status to 0?

    Thinking aloud…

    if delete doesn’t actually delete, then if any companies are considering using bbPress then there may be issues with data protection legislation such as the Data Protection Act in the UK.

    My understanding is that for a company to comply with the act it must be possible, if necessary, to remove all personal information, so it would be necessary for the delete function to blank out all the personal details as well as setting a deleted flag, if the user record was to remain in the DB.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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