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Keep bbPress Light

  • I just wanted to start a thread to express my strong belief that bbPress should stay as light as possible.

    For example, there is talk in this forum about emoticons. I believe that they, and similar things should be made as plugins only.

    As long as the admin page for plugins remains clean (unlike the wp one imho) this will be fine.

    Perhaps plugins should be categorised.

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  • I cant agree with more rigour

    I wonder if the plugins page should itself be output from a plugin so it could be replaced with an alternative.

    So you want to have two sets of plugins?

    If you find youself wanting to do this, go for a second instllation. (make sure you use different prefix if you want to use the same database).

    /me thinks aloud

    Just the one set. A basic plugin-management-plugin should be auto-activated when no other plugin-management-plugin is available.

    This would need an extra entry in the plugin remarks such as “Plugin-Type: Plugin Manger” so that at least one such plugin is always enabled.

    That way the default behaviour could be replaced (as requested earlier), keeping UI clutter down.

    Perhaps “Plugin-Type” should read “Plugin-Tags” and thus categories could be achieved.

    why not do as wordpress does? just copy a script/code into a folder and then activate the plug-in and then folow the install instructions acorting too the plug-in readme about tags? and so on?

    then you can easly can deside yourself witch you need this plug-in ore not just like wordpress.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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