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detail of Style.css ?

  • In which line of style.css describ those color????

    f.ex: sticky color is on the line 161 of style.css

    1) the color of your forums name? (the one on the right-top corner)

    2) the background color of forums ?

    3) the title of table ?(the gray one on the top: Topic — Add New » Posts Last Poster Freshness …)

    4) the original topic color ? (there 2 colors i think)

    5) those words color? (Hot tags, Latest Discussions, Forums, View..)

    6) the white line under under those title: Hot tags, lastest discussions…?

    7) all link words ?( add new, no-reply, untag… the original color is green)

    8) all link words ?(when mose hover)

    8) background color of the bottom section of forums ?(there is : xxxxxxx is proudly powered by bbPress)

    9) Now, when u add a new topic, theres a table which ask u the subjet, the content, the tag and the ection. i want to change the background color of this table, which line it is?

    10)Now, when u look at a topic, theres the original post and reply. the background of each one is on which line?

    11)last thing..: i want to also change those word (the word, not the color) : ‘Enter a few words(call tag)separeted by spaces to help someone find your topic’ and ‘ pick a section’

    Thank you a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Hi n22,

    I _highly_ recommend you get hold of the Web Devloper Toolbar for Firefox [1] – it will enable you to answer all these questions for yourself, and actively experiment with the CSS, in a “change-it-&-see-it-instantly” way.

    It has two very useful features:

    1 – you can hit Ctrl+F and point to any item in screen to see what it’s CSS class and id are

    2 – hit Ctrl+E and you can edit the css live, so you can see “what would happen if it changed…”

    All you need do then is copy your edited CSS and use it to update the version on your server. It makes investigation and tweaking very easy.


    nice! thank you very much ear1grey!

    I really like Firebug.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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