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  • AphelionZ


    I logged into my admin panel and saw some spam registrations and I thought to myself… oh here we go again…

    but then i went to edit their profiles and saw they were already marked as bozos.

    what is this bozo feature all about anyhow?

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  • AphelionZ


    Er… thanks haha.

    The first thing I read at that topic is “a bozo could be a person that doesnt search the forums before posting”

    but I did! I swear I did!

    Thanks :)

    I hadn’t spotted that bit, I was pointing towards midwife’s description; honest! :)

    I’ve already had a porn spammer sign up and create a profile just to get a link back to his site. If I mark him a “bozo” will that prevent search engine bots from tracing the link from my site to his? I don’t want search engine bots to track outbound links to spam sites from my site.

    If so, the bozo option will be much better than simply deleting them; I know from my old phpbb board, if you delete them, they just come back.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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