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Tag Synonyms

  • Perhaps this should go in the plugins forum but something I’m instantly realizing is that not everybody tags things the same, and so not everybody finds the same documents when using the tags.

    It would be nice to have the capability to have tag synonyms (so for a very simple example) if someone adds a “WP” tag, then future readers would also see the article when looking for “WordPress”.

    This could be achieved at a number of points (a) by adding an extra tag when the post is written, or (b) replacing the “WP” tag with “wordpress”, or (c) when a user searches for a tag.

    It strikes me that “a” is best options because with there is a better chance that search engines will find the post.

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  • This might also be a handy way of solving the tag-plurals problem – I wasn’t sure whether to use “tag” or “tags” for this post.

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