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    Looks to me like the code in wp and bbpress says you need NONCE_KEY in wp and BB_NONCE_KEY in bbpress to match. Then the salts BB_NONCE_SALT and NONCE_SALT have to match. If the salts don’t exist, wp and bbpress generate random ones. Of course they will not match.

    In reply to: bbPress 1.0 released

    I just successfully integrated bbpress, wpmu 2.7.1 and buddypress group forums. Cookies and everything. I had given up on doing this with anything other than bbpress alpha-6. Worked like a charm right out of the box.

    I’ll be damned. I take back all the grumbling and complaining and whining. I’m also canceling my enrollment in advanced particle physics classes that I thought were a previous requirement.

    Nice job to all involved!

    Sam, I followed your instructions above for bbpress integration and it doesn’t work. The result is that if I login to bbpress, it logs me out of wpmu. If I login to wpmu it logs me out of bbpress.

    bbpress rc3 – trunk r2162

    bbpress Integration plugin 1.0-rc3

    wpmu 2.7.1 from the download zip

    All downloaded and installed fresh on my Windows dev box. I’ll come back to this after I’ve finished my post graduate work in particle physics.

    Thanks Chris. I’ll start from scratch again with that going in bb-config.php. I’m having so much fun. :)

    “If you are integrating with WordPress < 2.8 then you ned to make an additional setting in bbPress to get cookies to be compatible. “

    Can anyone share what this mystery ‘additional setting’ is?

    Was gonna suggest you visit the forums install sticky topic on buddypress.org but I see you’ve been there.

    Burt Adsit


    k. Think I got this licked. Wasn’t working there for about 4 hrs though. I wanted to assign various mod caps to a user in specific forums. I did that and the template goodies for a mod popped up all over the place. Well this was easy. Wrong.

    Deleting a post is an ajax maneuver. The ajax code calls bb_current_user_can() again. So what’s the prob? I’m still returning ‘ok’ as a cap for ‘delete_post’. Well I’m also checking for a forum_id as part of the validation process. ajax calls exist outside in the twilight zone where there are no valid forums. Poor things.

    Had to check for DOING_AJAX, determine what forum the post was in and then say ‘ok’.

    To think my mother wanted me to be a plumber. Plumbers don’t have this kind of fun.

    Burt Adsit


    Thanks _ck_ i’ll study these.

    Damn _ck_. I do believe that’s the longest compound ‘and’ statement I’ve seen in awhile. :) Whatever works ‘eh?

    Thanks again.

    Burt Adsit


    This is to clear up this issue. Frankly I had forgotten about this post after solving the problem. Whoops. Sorry.

    I was trying to fire up xmlrpc access from wpmu to bbpress. Your bbpress_live plugin wasn’t working. buddypress’s group forums weren’t working. Surprise, it uses the bbpress_live classes.

    Turns out the wp http api lib uses the curl lib as the default transport mechanism. It goes out and gets the requested url using curl by default if it’s installed. It’s installed everywhere and on everything except my kitchen toaster. So, curl resolves ip addresses by first looking at your /etc/hosts file. Then it goes to dns for resolution.

    The /etc/hosts file and linux are happy with hosts defaulting to for mysite.org. I live in apache all day long and don’t care what’s in my hosts file. I should have. :)

    Changed /etc/hosts to have the actual ip address to my domain and xmlrpc, bbpress_live, buddypress and the rest of the universe are happy.

    Thanks for the quick response Sam!

    Burt Adsit


    Howdy, it’s my understanding that when integrating like that the wp actions and filters are no longer valid. wp_head() just calls do_action(‘wp_head’). If there’s nothing hooked up to ‘wp_head’ any more, nothing happens.

    Could be.

    The above is a re-post here of a cry for help on the mu forums.

    Here’s an update. I’ve debugged this down to the ‘transport’ mechanism in mu. I don’t think that the problem is with the bbpress_live widget. I don’t think that it’s an apache problem. Visit this buddypress forum topic for a complete list of the debugging efforts.


    I’ve gone down to bare metal on the mu side of this and it’s just getting 404 in certain installations and I can’t figure out why. Any help would be appreciated.

    I just found your Options and Hybrid themes about 3 days ago. I know where have I been? These are *wildly* great themes for wp guy. Really nice job. I’ve been putting together a wish list for a theme and Options comes scarily close. :D Thanks for the great theme. Once again, I know, kick in some cash. I will. Can I pay rent first?

    @createiveherb , @xlarge

    function modifyTopicLabelClosed($label) and

    function modifyTopicLabelSticky($label) need their sprintf substitutions changed from $1%s to %1$s

    ‘<img src=”$1%ssupport-forum-$1%s.png”…

    should be

    ‘<img src=”%1$ssupport-forum-%2$s.png”…

    for all 4 substitutions.

    @xlarge you might have gotten a quicker reply with kinder words. :D


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