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  • Thanks for the link to the DB test php. I found & used the exact same one before I saw your post.

    It worked like a charm: found all my DB’s when I left the DB value null. When I supplied the DB NAME, it returned all my BB and WP tables.

    So – now I know a little more: it’s not likely a DB connection issue, but something probably within the bb-config.php file.

    But – now I don’t really know where to go from here.

    I tried using the ‘sample’ bb-config file – and still no luck. Could it be a permissions issue? My files and folders are 775.

    again – thanks for the continued assistance.

    Big fan of the alternating avatar ‘conversation’…great idea. Should be default format for any board IMO.

    Is this mod easily done for a non-coder?

    chrishajer – I think this comment is worth exploring more: from post

    How can the bbPress upgrade/install know the database is out of date if it cannot connect to the database? I thought the version was stored in the database in the first place. I might have to try breaking my bb-config.php and attempting to upgrade a 0.9 installation to see how this works. Haven’t tried in a while.

    I get the same results time after time. Anytime I try to upgrade my 0.9 DB using the new 1.02 fileset, I am presented with a DB connection error. I ask the same question – how can I get to the login page or the ‘your DB is out of date – upgrade’ page without some form of DB connection?

    If it is making an initial connection, what could break it? Could a secret_key / salt mismatch do it? Would anything break the bb DB connection on the WP side (I’m upgrading a non-integrated 0.9 DB into an integrated WP install). Should I wipe out the WP integration first?

    Also – does anyone know a way to create a simple php file (or other method) to test the connectivity of the app server to the db server? I just want to verify the connection outside of the WP / BB install – in case something is wonky there.

    thanks for any ideas…

    Okay – recovered from the previous (no theme) issue. My ‘restore’ also included all the WP tables by mistake. So, I wiped it out & reloaded only the BB tables. My theme is working…the forum link takes me to the “looks like your database is out of date…upgrade” note…

    And then I get a ERROR: Could not establish a database connection message.

    I’ve been through this SO MANY TIMES!

    Besides the HOST, USER, PASSWORD, NAME settings in bb-config.php – are there other settings (either in files or in the DB tables) that would prevent my scripts from accessing my DB?

    I’ve verified my USER and PW via phpMyAdmin – they are good.

    My HOST i’ve tried changing to every know setting & tested (and failed)

    The things I’m thinking of now I have no clue about: Charset, Collation, secret keys, etc? Can any of these settings in my bb-config.php file possibly conflict with what is in the DB (the keys, charset, collation, etc)?

    Thanks for any ideas….


    Well – something didn’t work.

    – backed up my 1.0.2 ’empty’ bb DB

    – backed up the 1.0.2 bb install files

    – dropped bb tables on my integrated bb-1.0.2 and wp-2.9.x DB

    – imported bb-0.9 tables into my ‘previously’ integrated wp-2.9.x DB

    – navigated to wp home page…theme gone…all the links, posts, pages seem to be there []

    – navigate to /forum directory…same issue here

    Any ideas why my template is gone? I can’t login – I get a 404 page.

    varun – checking out your page now & noticed this first thing in your feature description:

    Character comes with nop-notch SEO tweaked

    I’m assuming you mean: “top-notch”




    thanks chris…

    I was skeptical of my #2 above because I wasn’t sure if the .9 import would work in the new schema. Glad I asked.

    My original upgrade failure was due to a DB HOST setting

    So – regarding your second suggestion

    put the new installation of 1.0 files somewhere, change that bb-config.php to point to the 0.9 database, then you can run the upgrade script

    The part I don’t fully understand is how will the “DB shuffle” mess with my integration settings? I’m just concerned that if I point a 1.0 install to a recovered 0.9 DB – I will either have 50% integration or 0% integration. Is that okay? Should I complete the “deep” integration steps post-upgrade?

    Just looking to avoid having to spend another few hours of troubleshooting to get this going. If I can tweak a bb-config file or do a search/replace inside my DB.sql file prior to the import (and prevent some issues from happening) – I’m all ears.

    thanks for the assist!


    The resolution to this was pretty simple: somewhere in the past several months, my hosting provider changed the policy on external db connection (Media Temple) on their Grid Service.

    During the installation / upgrade scripts, I was using the ‘internal’ DB HOST value in the wp-config / bb-config.

    Changing my DB HOST value to the ‘external’ address (provided by MT) allowed the upgrade / install to progress normally after that.

    You have to declare a specific IP address with MT before the ‘external’ host connection can be made.

    Hope this helps someone else.

    Sabuntu – i’m following your string here to see if a total wipe out / replace will help me get through the 0.9.2 to 1.0.2 upgrade (my saga is chronicled:

    I have a question in your step #7: What do you mean exactly by “drop it down”? Are you saying wipe out the meta_value for bb_capabilities?

    thanks for clarifying


    In reply to: bbPress mobile version

    Strong interest in this plugin…will be waiting for details.

    I can do basic testing as well – happy to help.


    Hi Chris – just checking back in & saw you replied. I haven’t touched it in a couple weeks, so I’m not fully up to speed yet (I totally dropped the upgrade…too many wasted hours with 2 kids).

    I’m re-skinning my WP site for my business. As part of that, I’m upgrading to 2.9.2 – so I figured since I was “elbow deep” so to speak – I would update bbPress as well. As a side goal – wp/bb integration would be a nice to have, but many of my users won’t play in both spaces…so not a show-stopper.

    I was puzzled to with the new install finding existence of an out of date DB. I will look again at the config files and see if there is a remnant of a URI or similar.



    Just when I was ready to throw in the towel for the weekend! ;)

    I just attempted to do a perfectly clean upgrade: still getting the db connection issue after bb upgrade tells me I need to upgrade my DB. These are my only instructions:

    Chris – I do have a solid / tested 0.9 backup. That’s where I was headed before checking the boards one last time. I’m installing this on a test sub-domain of my production website – so no LAMP. I use the Media Temple Grid Server (poor man’s server) and have scoured the other Media Temple quirkiness posts here. I tried hard-coding the db host with no luck.

    Regarding the 0.9 bb-config…I did find some remnants of a WP integration attempt (keys and whatnot). But, because my 1.0.2 upgrade ‘overlays’ the old bb-config – I’m starting with a new, clean (non integrated) bb-config doc. My problem is that, I can’t get to Step #2 of the install – that’s where I hit the db connection issue every time.

    I’ve gone through the bb-config doc, and the DB host / user / pw settings a million times. I’ve updated all my schemas to UTF8 and the UTF8 charset – and I’m applying those config settings into my bb-config. Nothing works.

    I’d like to blast my tables too…but that feels pretty invasive to me. A real test of my backup / recover abilities. I may not have the legs to get it done today.

    Thanks as always for any help.

    Here’s the next bit of oddness – stuff that I cannot explain. It seems that something is wonky with my directory / file path on the server.

    My original install was (and from there /bb-admin/upgrade.php etc)

    When I dumped the new 1.0.2 files onto the server…I left it as ‘forum’ no changes (but with all the errors described above).

    I saw a post on the boards here that said when they changed the name of the directory from ‘bbpress’ it wouldn’t allow them to login, and solving it was only renaming the directory back to ‘bbpress.’

    So – I decided to name my directory ‘bbpress’…and when I re-ran the upgrade script (which should be looking at /bbpress/bb-admin/upgrade.php) it gives me an error saying “this link is broken” and says the link the “Upgrade Database” button is linking to is /forums/bb-admin/upgrade.php

    What am I doing wrong?

    Okay – not resolved. I feel like this is my diary, and I’m on a deserted island…

    My ‘upgrade DB’ prompt still generates the ‘BackPress Error’ ERROR: Could not establish a database connection

    I’ve updated all my CHARSETs and COLLATEs to UTF8…and I’m still getting the db connection problem.

    I’m thinking of backing up the db, wiping out, re-installing fresh 1.0.2 and then importing the backup.

    Anyone see any problems with this? I’m sure I’ll get a slew of responses in the next 3 hours…

    Okay – here is my resolution. It only took me a weekend to figure this out.

    Media Temple’s default DB CHARSET / COLLATE settings are ‘latin1’ and ‘latin1_swedish_ci’ for WHATEVER reason…

    The bbPress db client connection is using UTF8 – which is why I kept getting the database error.

    I used this command (because the knowledge base article in MT is incorrect) to update my CHARSET and COLLATE settings for my DB:

    ALTER DATABASE db12345_wp CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_general_ci;

    That allowed me to finish the upgrade.php script.

    Hope this helps someone in the future.


    Day two of attempted upgrade.

    I combed through the boards, without much luck in terms of issue resolution (gripe!). If I figure out the remedy to my issue, I will be sure to post it here (so we can benefit from my stupid mistakes). ;)

    I re-read the upgrade directions, and thought I would give it a fourth try. This time, I restored my 0.9 install and files, logged into the Admin control panel – everything okay.

    I then moved all the new 1.0.2 directories over & replaced the 0.9 files (since I knew my backup worked). I verified my bb-config file was still good (shouldn’t have been touched).

    I then ran the ‘upgrade.php’ script forum/bb-admin/upgrade.php

    and got the message that my DB needed upgrading – so I select ‘upgrade DB’ and then receive:

    ERROR: Could not establish a database connection

    So – if I’m able to login to my bbpress 0.9 install and have full access to the DB, and I’m using the same bb-config values (same file!) – why would I not be able to establish a DB connection?

    BTW – in another post, someone mentioned clearing browser cache helping…which I did. Nothing positive…

    Any ideas out there?

    Anyway you can post your resolution to this issue? I’m going through a similar thing:

    Upgrade Errors: It looks like your database is out-of-date.


    citizenkeith: did you ever resolve your issue?

    I’m having similar (DB connection…DB upgrade requests) and I’m on MT GS, trying to upgrade from 0.9 to 1.0.2

    Upgrade Errors: It looks like your database is out-of-date.

    Just looking for some extra information before I wipe out the 1.0 install dir and try again clean from the top.

    schmitt – I’m curious to learn how things went & what you ultimately decided to do. I’m in the process of asking the same ‘approach’ questions for my 2.5.1 / 0.8 website that has ‘basic’ integration.

    Which option did you choose, and how did you implement?

    Any lessons learned are appreciated.



    In reply to: can’t log in anymore

    I was able to resolve my problem.

    Apparently, when I reset what I thought was an irrelevant password on my ISP – my ‘mySQL’ user password changed as well.

    I reset my password, and updated my bb-config.php file with the new info – and all of my bbPress users are now back again.

    Now – does anyone know how I can encrypt my password again in the file?

    In reply to: can’t log in anymore

    It seems I have a similar issue as hijen. Was there a resolution to this stream?

    In my instance, I cannot login as my administrator (or any other user) via BBpress, but I can via WordPress. The users are still in the DB, and the password reset option also displays that ‘user does not exist. Register it” drivel.

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