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Import 0.9.x 'Backup' into 1.0.2 DB?

  • bforeste


    I have been working on a DEV site for several months now – integrated WP + BB.

    I ran into some issues ‘upgrading’ bbPress from my legacy 0.9 install to the new 1.0.2 release, and the first ‘clean’ way I was able to get it done was to wipe out the bb tables & re-install from scratch.

    I have now got the integration & theme down (thanks gerikg) on bbPress…but I would like to refresh with all my old posts, topics, forums, etc from the 0.9 days.

    My question is approach: Is it better / easier for me to…

    A) Rip out the ‘baked’ 1.0.2 install…go back to 0.9 (files and DB)…and try the upgrade again (assuming I figured out what went wrong…I think I can)


    B) Attempt to ‘import’ my 0.9 backup (bb_ tables only) into my current 1.0.2 db?

    Naturally – I’m sure there are other things I’m not considering & maybe some other approaches too. Regardless – I appreciate the suggestions.


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  • chrishajer


    B) won’t work because the database schema changed. You wouldn’t be able to import into the 1.0 database from 0.9.

    Why not create a 0.9 installation with 0.9 database and files, then import all your 0.9 stuff back into the database from a dump (or just hook up the .9 database to an installation of 0.9 files?) Using the stock theme with no plugins, update the files to 1.0.* whatever, then run the upgrade script. Now you have a 1.0 installation with all your old data imported. Then you can bake whatever you need to bake.

    What went wrong with the upgrade last time? (I think I recall seeing a post about it…)



    Actually, I think you could put the new installation of 1.0 files somewhere, change that bb-config.php to point to the 0.9 database, then you can run the upgrade script, which should be no problem since the database versions changed and it will force you to do this.



    thanks chris…

    I was skeptical of my #2 above because I wasn’t sure if the .9 import would work in the new schema. Glad I asked.

    My original upgrade failure was due to a DB HOST setting

    So – regarding your second suggestion

    put the new installation of 1.0 files somewhere, change that bb-config.php to point to the 0.9 database, then you can run the upgrade script

    The part I don’t fully understand is how will the “DB shuffle” mess with my integration settings? I’m just concerned that if I point a 1.0 install to a recovered 0.9 DB – I will either have 50% integration or 0% integration. Is that okay? Should I complete the “deep” integration steps post-upgrade?

    Just looking to avoid having to spend another few hours of troubleshooting to get this going. If I can tweak a bb-config file or do a search/replace inside my DB.sql file prior to the import (and prevent some issues from happening) – I’m all ears.

    thanks for the assist!




    Well – something didn’t work.

    – backed up my 1.0.2 ’empty’ bb DB

    – backed up the 1.0.2 bb install files

    – dropped bb tables on my integrated bb-1.0.2 and wp-2.9.x DB

    – imported bb-0.9 tables into my ‘previously’ integrated wp-2.9.x DB

    – navigated to wp home page…theme gone…all the links, posts, pages seem to be there []

    – navigate to /forum directory…same issue here

    Any ideas why my template is gone? I can’t login – I get a 404 page.



    Okay – recovered from the previous (no theme) issue. My ‘restore’ also included all the WP tables by mistake. So, I wiped it out & reloaded only the BB tables. My theme is working…the forum link takes me to the “looks like your database is out of date…upgrade” note…

    And then I get a ERROR: Could not establish a database connection message.

    I’ve been through this SO MANY TIMES!

    Besides the HOST, USER, PASSWORD, NAME settings in bb-config.php – are there other settings (either in files or in the DB tables) that would prevent my scripts from accessing my DB?

    I’ve verified my USER and PW via phpMyAdmin – they are good.

    My HOST i’ve tried changing to every know setting & tested (and failed)

    The things I’m thinking of now I have no clue about: Charset, Collation, secret keys, etc? Can any of these settings in my bb-config.php file possibly conflict with what is in the DB (the keys, charset, collation, etc)?

    Thanks for any ideas….


    chrishajer – I think this comment is worth exploring more: from post

    How can the bbPress upgrade/install know the database is out of date if it cannot connect to the database? I thought the version was stored in the database in the first place. I might have to try breaking my bb-config.php and attempting to upgrade a 0.9 installation to see how this works. Haven’t tried in a while.

    I get the same results time after time. Anytime I try to upgrade my 0.9 DB using the new 1.02 fileset, I am presented with a DB connection error. I ask the same question – how can I get to the login page or the ‘your DB is out of date – upgrade’ page without some form of DB connection?

    If it is making an initial connection, what could break it? Could a secret_key / salt mismatch do it? Would anything break the bb DB connection on the WP side (I’m upgrading a non-integrated 0.9 DB into an integrated WP install). Should I wipe out the WP integration first?

    Also – does anyone know a way to create a simple php file (or other method) to test the connectivity of the app server to the db server? I just want to verify the connection outside of the WP / BB install – in case something is wonky there.

    thanks for any ideas…



    For testing your connection to the database:

    It’s a little more than necessary but looks like it should work



    The database connection problem is not likely related to the upgrade from .9 to 1.0, and the salts have nothing to do with database authentication (they’re for login cookies.)

    So, you have something else going on I think.

    That is weird how it tells you the database is out of date, but then cannot connect. I’m not sure why that is.

    Thanks for the link to the DB test php. I found & used the exact same one before I saw your post.

    It worked like a charm: found all my DB’s when I left the DB value null. When I supplied the DB NAME, it returned all my BB and WP tables.

    So – now I know a little more: it’s not likely a DB connection issue, but something probably within the bb-config.php file.

    But – now I don’t really know where to go from here.

    I tried using the ‘sample’ bb-config file – and still no luck. Could it be a permissions issue? My files and folders are 775.

    again – thanks for the continued assistance.

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