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bbPress mobile version

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  • 56alifar


    I have the same problem, any suggestions?



    I crated a mobile plugin for BBPress but have not had the time to release it as a standalone plugin. You can see it at:

    It is totally based on Alex Kings Mobile Plugin for WordPress so I am not sure if I am allowed to release it. Let me check.

    When I do have a chance to release it you will have to edit the theme to fit your site. Let me know if there is any interest.



    @BerryReview I’d love to use that plugin if available, I don’t mind editing the codes at all.

    I tested your page with this website and it’s looking good.

    Good work, man!



    Alex’s SVN links here:

    Lines 17 and 18 mention a GPL license:

    17 // Released under the GPL license

    18 //

    So you should definitely be able to release this plugin as a derivative work. Good thing too, b/c I’d love to use it! :-)



    @BerryReview, can you help me with this?



    Sorry guys this forum really needs a notify on reply via Email function.

    So GPL derivative means I can repost derivative works? Its not that crazy different from his code but hacked up quite a bit to compensate for the differences between BBPress and WP.

    I will try to clean up the plugin a little bit before release since it has some serious custom code that I need ot cut out since it wont work on another site. The template is up to you to edit away but you will need to know a little bit about how BBPress templates work.

    I will try to get something for you guys soon. Anybody want to volunteer to test it out?



    Yup, you can definitely repost derivative works. Oh and also – if you click the “subscribe to topic” link at the top of the page, that should give you email alerts!

    I would love to help you test… just let me know! One of my main goals is to figure out how to turn off TinyMCE in mobile browsers… so my users can comment from their iPhones and Android browsers.



    Strong interest in this plugin…will be waiting for details.

    I can do basic testing as well – happy to help.




    I personally use the PHP class found at


    $mobile = mobile_device_detect();



    //echo TinyMCE code


    I had this as a plugin on bbProgress, but i see they’ve even shut their doors (no more message on front page). I’ll try and boot up my old dev machine and find it as a plugin when i get home



    Please let me know when its available



    Still looking forward to the codes……

    Okay, perhaps the good folks around here can help me with this.

    I checked the website that Kevin posted here, and it asks me to put this code:


    Now, I have no clue in which file exactly to put that code, or how the code should be wrapped.

    Any suggestions?

    If i can find a way to redirect the browser to a different mobile version URL, that would be a good start already, to start working on a mobile version.

    If once it works, i will sure as hell put the code here.



    Okay so I have realized I do not have the expertise to turn this into a plugin but I can offer some direction and the code I am currently using as the plugin at

    The full source of the plugin I hacked can be found at this link along with instructions

    Please post questions at that link since there is no way to get notified of replies in the BBPress forums and I don’t have the time to keep checking if there are new questions.

    If you just want to download the plugin check it out at

    But you will need to read the instructions to get it to work

    Sorry I cannot be more help. Really limited on time.

    Thanks a lot BerryReview!



    Does this support iPhone? I don’t see it in the checklist.

    Edit: Just add “iPod” and “iPhone” to the small_browsers array.

    Well, if i look at the list of supported mobile browsers, i don’t think it does.

    $small_browsers = array(
    '2.0 MMP'
    ,'Nintendo Wii'
    ,'Nitro' // Nintendo DS
    ,'Opera Mini'
    ,'Playstation Portable'
    ,'Symbian OS'
    ,'Windows CE'



    See my edit. :)

Viewing 17 replies - 1 through 17 (of 17 total)
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