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can’t log in anymore

  • I just installed bbpress on my site with a username “jen”. After it was installed, I went into the settings and integrated it with my wordpress user database. However, now I cannot log in — “jen” no longer exists and my “admin” wordpress user doesn’t exist either. What did I do wrong and how can I log back in?


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  • joneywalker4u


    try forgot password option, see if database responds to the query i.e username and password entries are there. then password will be mailed to your ID.

    I can’t use the forgot password option; it just says this:

    “This username does not exist. Register it?”



    Oops then the username got deleted from database!

    Is it true that both jen and admin don’t work either in wp or bbpress?

    If yes then you may have to add that to database via some SQL query or register again. But if you register again it will be registered as normal user and you won’t have admin rights, since there is no admin present so who will assign this new user, the admin powers.

    Register as some username xyz and look in the userlist the entries that exist wheather or not admin/jen is listed.

    It seems I have a similar issue as hijen. Was there a resolution to this stream?

    In my instance, I cannot login as my administrator (or any other user) via BBpress, but I can via WordPress. The users are still in the DB, and the password reset option also displays that ‘user does not exist. Register it” drivel.

    i have a same issue, but my user already exist in bbpress, when i send a password recovery bbpress send me an email with the new pass, when i try to login i cant…

    I think i do sometthing wron with integration :(

    PD: i still can login in wp…



    @matiaspunx: what version did you integrate? The cookies are not compatible with the version of bbPress and WordPress versions greater than 2.5 (like the latest 2.7.1 version.)

    Also, did you try clearing all the cookies or using a different browser to log in?

    These two solutions exist for making logins compatible with WordPress latest and bbPress


    That solutions seems to be for bbpress 1.0 alpha…

    i’m making a new install with a new phpbb import ’cause i have no way to login as key master…

    I was able to resolve my problem.

    Apparently, when I reset what I thought was an irrelevant password on my ISP – my ‘mySQL’ user password changed as well.

    I reset my password, and updated my bb-config.php file with the new info – and all of my bbPress users are now back again.

    Now – does anyone know how I can encrypt my password again in the file?

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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