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looking high and low for support forum premium theme

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    If anyone has suggestions or pointers on where to find some quality bbpress premium themes that are geared toward being used as a support forum, I’d love to know. Ideally, I would like something that greatly expands the admin control panel to allow similar functionality with standard wp 2.9.2 features.

    Thanks in advance!

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  • Did you check out Character?



    I’m always wary of website with premium themes that refuse to show screen shots or link to a demo; or that are selling them from a website thats just a rushed out wordpress install (complete with the “Hello World!” blog post still being the only one there).

    I’m not doubting the validity of the theme or it’s value, it may be awesome and totally worth the money, it’s just I’d rather see the theme itself than a text based flash movie telling me that it’s great.

    @kevinjohngallagher is there a plugin to make a preview of the themes?

    I need that plugin too. _ck_ used to have it on bbshowcase. don’t know if its available anywhere



    That was good up until the 0.9 release



    Ah, was about to come and answer that one.

    It’s a relly great plugin, and a lovely bit of coding from _ck_.

    Is this possible…

    to make the plugin work for me. I made themes that only work when the “parent” WP theme is activated as well.



    It is possible, but honestly, its probably not worth the hassle.

    You either connect to the WP database yourself to test (no integration required), but that can be a bit hit and miss – especially with child themes etc.

    Or you use deep integration to test for the current theme. Which is simple as long as you have deep integration working (which in itself is very hit and miss).

    Bluntly, unless you had a very good reason to do this (and you might, you’ve been v helpful with bbPress recently mate) I’d not take on the challenge. But if you want pointers and some code, lets start a new thread :)

    Sorry to rush you the info. I must admit that I’m the developer of Character Theme. The site was still being updated and the promos are still being setup as the release was done on 12th April. I’ve included the Demo link on the site so you can find out more about it yourself.

    {I also develop open source but may be Matt is going to ban me for developing Character. Ready to check out the theme now? :) }

    varun – checking out your page now & noticed this first thing in your feature description:

    Character comes with nop-notch SEO tweaked

    I’m assuming you mean: “top-notch”




    bforeste: Thanks for pointing that out. (It’s kinda difficult developing, blogging, proofreading and marketing all alone.) :)

    BTW: Any developers/users want to take this for a ride and provide feedback? I can give about 5 copies. Contact. But I’m wondering if anyone even uses bbPress anymore… very disappointing response to my theme.



    @gerikg, thank’s for your pointing that. result my problem about quality bbpress themes.

Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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