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  • Not sure what you mean – the code I had above should do what I say it did, it just didn’t do what I wanted.

    That said? I now have it working the way I wanted.

    This code:

    Gets the bbPress avatar, if it exists.

    Checks to see if it’s an Identicon…

    No? Display it.

    Yes? Display Gravatar… but with the URL of the Identicon set as the default in case none exists.

    Problem solved.

    Note: I believe Gravatar recently integrated Identicons as a default setting, so you can probably do this now without Identicons setup in bbPress by modifying the code some. But this works.


    $ava = avatarupload_get_avatar($user->ID,1,1,0);

    if ( avatarupload_get_avatar($user->ID) && !(usingidenticon($user->ID) )) {



    else {

    echo bb_get_avatar($user->ID,48,$ava[0]);



    $ava = avatarupload_get_avatar(get_post_author_id(),1,1,0);

    if ( avatarupload_get_avatar(get_post_author_id()) && !(usingidenticon(get_post_author_id()) )) {



    else {



    wonderful! i’m glad to hear my post was helpful!

    to better illustrate my issue, my current code for the profile page is:

    if ( avatarupload_get_avatar(ID) ) {


    } else {

    echo bb_get_avatar( $user->ID );


    which means if uploaded avatar exists then display it, else get gravatar.

    but what i really want is:

    if uploaded avatar exists then display it, else if gravatar exists then display that, but if neither exists then display the avatar upload default avatar.

    Right now it displays gravatar default instead. which isn’t my first choice since avatar upload would give me control over the default image which is better for obvious reasons.

    OK, so it looks like the plugin version 0.8.3 still works in bbPress 0.9.1 – though I have not yet put it through heavy testing. I found the install directions left a little to be desired so I added more detailed directions below.

    However… I still have a question. Some of my users have adopted Gravatars since WP 2.5 was released. The plugin currently does not seem to check for gravatar existence, let alone provide some sort of control over precedence of different sourced avatars.

    The installation instructions DO provide you with the function to call to see if a plug-in uploaded/created avatar exists. However, in order to get the precedence working the way I’d like, I need to know how to test for a Gravatar existence as well. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

    Any ideas?

    Install instructions:

    1. Download Plugin here:


    Version 0.8.3 is current at time of this writing.

    2. Create the following two folders in your bbpress install:



    3. follow instructions (specifically, step 5) in the readme file which tells you where to copy files. Some files in the zip aren’t mentioned (such as indenticon.php). I put those into my-plugins and so far, so good.

    4. Activate plugin.

    yet another step.

    if you want pretty permalinks you’ll need to fill in topic_slug in bb_topics.

    does this still work for latest versions (2.5, 9.0.1)?

    today’s upgrade fixed permission error for me. THANK YOU!!!

    yep. sorry. couldn’t resist. i’m sure the release will be soon though.

    oh – how to find it. go to the calendar page and it’s listed under April 1st.

    it’s out now!

    Thank you all for your hard work! It’s really appreciated. Release it when it’s ready — WP took an extra few weeks, so a few extra days here isn’t the end of the world.

    I personally have my fingers crossed that .9 will solve my major permission issues (that are basically preventing me from admining my forums).

    We realized many of the members seemed to be showing up on the site as ‘inactive’, despite having a record in wp_user_meta with matching records containing:

    bb_capabilities a:1:{s:6:”member”;b:1;}

    I updated a single ‘inactive’ user to ‘moderator’, saved, then downgraded them back to ‘member’, saved… and everyone that was displaying as inactive started displaying correctly as member.

    I do not know what type of glitch this was, or if it was a result of the conversion but am posting it here in case others converting run into the same issue.

    I changed one user (already marked in DB as a member) to ‘moderator’, saved, then back to ‘member’, saved… and everyone that was showing as inactive started showing as ‘member’. I have no idea what was going on and i’m going to pretend it didn’t happen.

    Odd. About 3/4 of my members are marked inactive. All of them have a record in wp_user_meta with the data:

    bb_capabilities a:1:{s:6:”member”;b:1;}

    So… Yea. I don’t understand quite what’s going on here.

    as a user, i highly prefer open forums. i’m more likely to take part, and if i enjoy the forum i will eventually create an account.

    as a moderator, i would never wish an open forum upon anyone.

    After upgrading to WP 2.5 and to bbPress – branches_0.8-r1381

    I still have this rights/permission issue. Can’t add more than one tag, etc.

    Will wait for official .9 release and post an update. This is frustrating.

    oh, i was actually talking about a separate issue where I can’t add/edit tags (well, I can add one per post then I get ‘no permission’ error:


    But this issue is not actually related to this thread — anyone reading this that wants to convert following the instructions above should. i just found it odd that tag management works here but not on my own site.

    OK. A bit more research…

    For me, it has nothing to do with plug-ins, for this was occurring before plugins.

    It’s also not directly related to Keymaster – I created a moderator account and it can only add one tag before getting permission errors.

    This really feels like the ajax issue.

    This is the post about it before they came up with the eloquent plug-in solution… does it transfer to this problem at all?


    Thanks, worked for me.

    Tags fixed.

    Why can I edit tags here and not as keymaster on my own install? Erg.

    Also — I reread my instructions. One thing I’d like to clarify:

    When reorganizing your forum users on phpBB using the mod, make sure to make anyone who exists in both phpBB and WP have matching User IDs. Then, when you delete them from the import script, the forum will still have all posts and topics pointing to the correct user because the record is already correct in your bb/wp user tables.

    In reply to: Private Forums Plugin

    If you ever feel like upgrading this plug-in, here’s a feature request:

    Make the specific forum private to certain user classes.

    I recently converted from SMF, where I had a number of ‘secret’ forums. These were were used for ‘in-house’ project discussions, not for your average user. I had to delete all these sub-forums from bbPress because they weren’t for all eyes to see.

    I’d love to be able to set it so that only ‘staff’ can see a particular board, whereas most boards would be accessible by all.

    I noticed my import didn’t import a forum’s most recent post time correctly (it was set equal to forum start date instead)

    i ran this to fix it:



    set topic_time =

    (SELECT bb_posts.post_time

    from bb_posts

    where bb_posts.topic_id=bb_topics.topic_id

    ORDER BY bb_posts.post_time DESC LIMIT 1)

    this appears to do the trick:



    set topic_time =

    (SELECT bb_posts.post_time

    from bb_posts

    where bb_posts.topic_id=bb_topics.topic_id

    ORDER BY bb_posts.post_time DESC LIMIT 1)

    Ah, just found this thread. I had just posted the sparepencil ajax-fix link in an older thread.

    I am having permission issues. Have tried creating a new keymaster to no avail. I had the same exact issue with WP 2.3.3 until I used the ajax fixing plugin above. It feels like the same exact problem in every way.

    The sparepencil plugin had a less eloquent fix originally – I don’t remember precisely but you basically just commented out a block of code and replaced it with something short and sweet (something to do with cookie decryption i think). Is there any quick fix like that here?

    Basically, anything that will let me start properly admin’ing bbPress would be fantastic.

    Creating a second Key Master did not work for me.

    Help? Any ideas? Neither of my key masters can create tags, etc.

    2.3.3 WP, 8.3.1 bbPress sharing user table.

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