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Private Forums Plugin

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  • affacat


    If you ever feel like upgrading this plug-in, here’s a feature request:

    Make the specific forum private to certain user classes.

    I recently converted from SMF, where I had a number of ‘secret’ forums. These were were used for ‘in-house’ project discussions, not for your average user. I had to delete all these sub-forums from bbPress because they weren’t for all eyes to see.

    I’d love to be able to set it so that only ‘staff’ can see a particular board, whereas most boards would be accessible by all.



    I second that and suggest an additional option. I’m using private forums but it is lacking two things that would make it great and make bbPress more in line with other forums:

    1. allow viewing to be based on class, e.g. I have a admin section that I only want admins to even know exists, but I also have other forums that I do want people to see but not necessarily acces, which leads onto…

    2. allow the ability to reply to topics but not create new ones, e.g. you have fixed items (like, say a support forum) where people can post questions but not create new topics.

    Because the plugin-section of this site is mainly dead, and I really need to fix this problem, I’ll copy the same thing:

    The plug-in is great, but somehow it turns off randomly. With the forum going live in about a week, I really need some help with this.



    Plugin section isn’t dead, it’s just that some authors don’t monitor it or abandoned their work.

    Try the Hidden Forums plugin instead of Private Forums.

    Uses newer techniques available in bbPress 0.9 so it’s faster and more complete/reliable.

Viewing 4 replies - 26 through 29 (of 29 total)
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