Available immediately is bbPress 2.0 RC 4. Thanks to an enormous amount of feedback during the Beta period, we’ve put out a few unadvertised release candidates to tighten integration with Multisite, BuddyPress, and Akismet.

This is still pre-release software, but we think it’s polished and shiny enough to use on a live site. If you’re a developer or site administrator, please report any bugs you find as they are critical at this stage in development.

Check it out and let us know what you think in the support forums!

Here are some of the important changes:

  • BuddyPress 1.5 activity streams and @mention integration
  • Improved Akismet integration
  • Improved update process
  • Improved importer
  • Improved multisite integration
  • Improved spam/deleted user handling
  • Added blacklist_keys support
  • Added actions to topic/reply forms
  • * Updated green admin color scheme for WordPress 3.2

Download bbPress 2.0 RC 4

* Bet you didn’t know this was there, did ya?