If you haven’t been keeping up with our progress over the past few months, you’re in for a treat. bbPress 1.0.3 is due out any day, as is 1.1 Release Candidate 1 which includes new features like email notification on follow-up posts and anonymous posting. There’s also a lot going on under the hood of the new WordPress plugin version of bbPress, and in an effort to get more people involved we’re bringing back the bi-weekly development chats in #bbpress on the freenode network on IRC.

In the past we’ve had a range of involvement, from developers to designers (to a totally empty channel.) 🙂 This time around I’d like to openly invite anyone that’s interested in getting in on the ground floor of development, testing, and theming the up-and-coming bbPress plugin to join us, and be part of building something crazy-super awesome.

We’re going to try to have them every other Wednesday at 4pm EST (UTC – 5) starting on February 23, 2011. If this time absolutely does not work for you and you really want to be there, post an alternative time in the comments and let’s figure something out that works for everyone.

Hope to see you then, and many fortnights to follow!