IRC log from the meetup on July 21, 2010

[21:02:40 GMT]    <jjj>    <meetup>
[21:02:58 GMT]    <jjj>    Hi 🙂
[21:03:05 GMT]    =-=    Nightgunner5 is now known as jjj5
[21:03:09 GMT]    <jjj5>    Hi, jjj!
[21:03:10 GMT]    <jjj>    Haha
[21:03:15 GMT]    <chrishajer>    @ben jjjjj
[21:03:30 GMT]    <jjj5>    [11:37:02am] <jjj3> we should do the dev chat with jjj-jjj5
[21:03:30 GMT]    <jjj5>    [11:37:09am] <jjj3> that would be make up for some interesting logs
[21:03:52 GMT]    –>|    SHRIKEE ( has joined #bbpress
[21:04:10 GMT]    <jjj>    Oh come on now… I’m not *that* good of a developer where I need to be cloned. 😛
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[21:04:22 GMT]    <Nightgunner5>    Fine 🙁
[21:04:26 GMT]    <jjj>    Hahaha
[21:04:34 GMT]    <SHRIKEE>    but now youre only half as good
[21:04:37 GMT]    <jjj>    Probably better off with more Nightgunners and chrishajer’s anyhow 🙂
[21:05:11 GMT]    <chrishajer>    ch^5
[21:05:29 GMT]    <chrishajer>    Gautam is asleep?
[21:05:38 GMT]    <jjj>    So obviously todays meetup is going to be fairly relaxed. Since we’re just getting started I figured we’d have an open discussion.
[21:06:01 GMT]    <jjj>    Yeh I think so. We can always reschedule the next meeting around what works for everyone.
[21:06:51 GMT]    <chrishajer>    does anyone need anything?
[21:07:03 GMT]    <SHRIKEE>    yup
[21:07:22 GMT]    <jjj>    Cocktails? Snacks? 🙂
[21:07:35 GMT]    <SHRIKEE>    snacks == win
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[21:08:09 GMT]    <chrishajer>    beverage?
[21:08:27 GMT]    <jjj>    chrishajer: Eventually we will need more eyes on the plugin code. Gautam’s already found a few little things.
[21:08:39 GMT]    <jjj>    Mostly copy/pasta
[21:08:47 GMT]    <Nightgunner5>    Hey, I fixed one word
[21:09:12 GMT]    <SHRIKEE>    mmm pasta
[21:09:44 GMT]    <jjj>    chrishajer: Do you want to bring us up to speed with where 1.1 is?
[21:09:55 GMT]    <chrishajer>    all –
[21:10:23 GMT]    <Nightgunner5>    1.1 is right here:
[21:10:27 GMT]    <chrishajer>    1.1 should be packaged up and released, so we can stop answering stupid questions about things that are broken in 1.0.2 and are already fixed in 1.1 (or if you want to call it, 1.0.3)
[21:10:39 GMT]    <chrishajer>    1.1 I think has one open bug?
[21:10:52 GMT]    <chrishajer>    it’s far better than 1.0.2 is
[21:11:33 GMT]    <chrishajer>    this one for sure before release
[21:11:33 GMT]    <trac-bot>    chrishajer: critical/high, 1.0.3, Nightgunner5->(no owner), reopened, Fix for incorrect order of posts and for posts being displayed twice
[21:11:34 GMT]    <r-a-y>    There are three tickets left in 1.0.3 –
[21:11:42 GMT]    <chrishajer>    yeah
[21:11:57 GMT]    <Nightgunner5>    Oh right, that’s the one Gautam wanted me to fix
[21:11:58 GMT]    <chrishajer>    1313 and 1317 are very new tickets
[21:12:09 GMT]    <chrishajer>    we’re talking about fixing year old bugs
[21:12:18 GMT]    <chrishajer>    which ARE fixed in 1.1 now
[21:12:22 GMT]    <chrishajer>    but broken in 1.0.3
[21:12:35 GMT]    <r-a-y>    chris: Ahh okay, just joined the room. Apologies.
[21:12:54 GMT]    <jjj>    Does it make sense to skip 1.0.3? or are there too many changes in 1.1 to make upgrading easy?
[21:13:03 GMT]    <chrishajer>    jjj
[21:13:14 GMT]    <chrishajer>    Matt said skip 1.0.3, get 1.1 out the door if it’s ready
[21:13:23 GMT]    <jjj>    Cool.
[21:14:06 GMT]    <chrishajer>    From Matt to me May 27 “I don’t think we should update the 0.9 branch anymore, and probably not 1.0 either. (Same as WP.) If 1.1 is ready let’s get it out the door. :)”
[21:14:25 GMT]    <jjj>    Makes sense to me!
[21:14:25 GMT]    <chrishajer>    so, I think the plan is 1.1 (since the 1.0.3 milestone was deleted anyway)
[21:14:35 GMT]    <chrishajer>    at least 1301 should be fixed
[21:14:48 GMT]    <chrishajer>    not sure what’s involved in 1313 and 1317
[21:15:22 GMT]    <jjj>    1317 is easy
[21:15:28 GMT]    <chrishajer>    re going from 1.0.2 to 1.0.3, it’s no problem, but a moot point. There was only one minor DB schema change, and that was very recent. But you can upgrade 1.0.2 to 1.0.3 or 1.1 without a problem
[21:15:35 GMT]    <chrishajer>    that’s not programmer talk!
[21:15:38 GMT]    <chrishajer>    easy – pfft
[21:16:15 GMT]    <jjj>    #1313 makes sense at a glance also.
[21:16:16 GMT]    <trac-bot>    jjj: major, 1.0.3, bobrik->(no owner), new, Wrong looping through terms objects
[21:16:45 GMT]    <chrishajer>    so, let’s make it 1.1 and let’s fix the last couple tickets and then be done with 1.1 – as good as bbPress 1.x in this format (non-plugin)
[21:17:00 GMT]    <chrishajer>    hmm,
[21:17:03 GMT]    <chrishajer>    there’s a patch?
[21:17:06 GMT]    <chrishajer>    didn’t catch that
[21:17:10 GMT]    <chrishajer>    I will test that one
[21:17:14 GMT]    <jjj>    Yep. Patches clean but needs an indent.
[21:18:04 GMT]    <jjj>    So #1301 is the only one that needs attention.
[21:18:04 GMT]    <trac-bot>    jjj: critical/high, 1.0.3, Nightgunner5->(no owner), reopened, Fix for incorrect order of posts and for posts being displayed twice
[21:18:27 GMT]    <jjj>    after the two easy ones 🙂
[21:18:51 GMT]    <Nightgunner5>    I figured out the problem and I’m working on it
[21:18:58 GMT]    <chrishajer>    That’s the status though
[21:19:03 GMT]    <chrishajer>    1.1 is nearly ready to go
[21:19:10 GMT]    <chrishajer>    fixes some long-standing bugs
[21:20:19 GMT]    <jjj>    Awesome.
[21:20:48 GMT]    <chrishajer>    need me for anything else?
[21:20:52 GMT]    <jjj>    ETA on 1.1 then? By next week, considering testing, etc…?
[21:21:04 GMT]    <chrishajer>    depends on Ben’s patch I think
[21:21:09 GMT]    <jjj>    k
[21:21:35 GMT]    <jjj>    chrishajer: Are you in on 1.2? I haven’t really seen you chime in much about it all.
[21:21:54 GMT]    <chrishajer>    I forget how to do “private”
[21:22:03 GMT]    <chrishajer>    :shrug:
[21:22:45 GMT]    <Nightgunner5>
[21:22:57 GMT]    <jjj>    haha
[21:23:06 GMT]    <chrishajer>    rock on
[21:23:08 GMT]    <Nightgunner5>    On the upside, it works perfectly now. On the downside, I used regular expressions.
[21:23:39 GMT]    <chrishajer>    what does the regex do (in Engrish?)
[21:24:00 GMT]    <Nightgunner5>    It finds out what to put the posts in order by
[21:24:45 GMT]    <jjj>    ORDER BY “entertainment value” 😛
[21:24:53 GMT]    <chrishajer>    not what you would consider the “correct way” though?
[21:25:19 GMT]    <chrishajer>    ORDER BY ‘troll value’ ASC
[21:25:37 GMT]    <Nightgunner5>    Well, there’s the saying ‘Some people, when confronted with a problem, think “I know, I’ll use regular expressions.” Now they have two problems.’
[21:25:44 GMT]    <jjj>    chrishajer: ping me later if you want to chat
[21:25:47 GMT]    <chrishajer>    I like that expression
[21:25:59 GMT]    <chrishajer>    @jjj – email me if you need anything
[21:26:08 GMT]    <jjj>    chrishajer: Will do
[21:26:23 GMT]    <chrishajer>    so, we will have two patches for 3 bugs?
[21:26:28 GMT]    <chrishajer>    I will let Gautam know
[21:26:29 GMT]    <chrishajer>    OH
[21:26:30 GMT]    <chrishajer>    jjj
[21:26:36 GMT]    <jjj>    Yessum
[21:26:54 GMT]    <chrishajer>    for some reason, with Gautam, when you give him props, it comes up ? like GautamGupta?
[21:27:03 GMT]    <chrishajer>    he has some weird issue with his username
[21:27:04 GMT]    <chrishajer>    anyway
[21:27:08 GMT]    <chrishajer>    to get around the ?
[21:27:13 GMT]    <jjj>    Yeah you have to ! before it
[21:27:14 GMT]    <Nightgunner5>    Trac thinks it’s a wiki page that doesn’t exist
[21:27:18 GMT]    <chrishajer>    you can do ! like !GautamGupta
[21:27:20 GMT]    <chrishajer>    right
[21:27:25 GMT]    <chrishajer>    @ben
[21:27:37 GMT]    <jjj>    Didn’t know his name came up like that, will do from now on though.
[21:27:40 GMT]    <chrishajer>    there is some weird thing with his username. he changed it or something
[21:27:54 GMT]    <jjj>    ty 😀
[21:27:58 GMT]    <chrishajer>    check the svn log – it always has a question mark after it
[21:28:01 GMT]    <chrishajer>    he like props
[21:28:04 GMT]    <jjj>    Yeah weird.
[21:28:09 GMT]    <chrishajer>    I think he could live on props alone
[21:28:13 GMT]    <chrishajer>    and prolly cheetos
[21:28:14 GMT]    <Nightgunner5>    What?
[21:28:25 GMT]    <chrishajer>    @ben ?
[21:28:55 GMT]    <chrishajer>    this – [21:27] <chrishajer> @ben
[21:29:05 GMT]    <chrishajer>    I think I was just explaining his username thing
[21:29:11 GMT]    <Nightgunner5>    Oh
[21:29:12 GMT]    <chrishajer>    nothing specific
[21:29:14 GMT]    <Nightgunner5>    ok
[21:29:23 GMT]    <Nightgunner5>    So, </meetup>?
[21:29:26 GMT]    <chrishajer>    he showed me the different user names at some point
[21:29:37 GMT]    <chrishajer>    I second </meetup>
[21:29:41 GMT]    <chrishajer>    all in favor
[21:29:42 GMT]    <chrishajer>    ?
[21:30:09 GMT]    <chrishajer>    all opposed?
[21:31:08 GMT]    <chrishajer>    adios amigos