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Need users to be able to posts without posts being approved

  • I have the bbpress plugin installed in my custom theme and everything works great, except that I can’t get users to post topics and replies without me approving it all the time. I need some kind of control where if approved once there’s no need for approving every time. For some reason, I’m not getting that, i read a in a few places and seen that it could be done, but its not working for me. Everytime it says it’s pending and the admin needs to approve it. I changed the role to a user and tried even forum moderator and I’m able to moderate but when i create a new topic or reply using that role it’s still needs to be approved. I even used a plugin called bbPress Moderation and it still doesn’t do what it says. How can I change this?

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  • I think the two of you need to compare your settings, installed plugins etc, you both have what the other is looking for and with some luck you will both solve each others problems.

    @apena916 see
    @shilpi18th see

    I don’t understand why you want me to compare the other post, that has totally nothing to do with what I’m trying to do. The link you sent me to is talking about notifying admin that there’s a comment to approve. The problem I have is that I need users to post topics and replies on my forum without me having to approve all of them, or maybe just approve one time so after that I don’t need to approve anymore topics and replies from a user.

    The behavior you are seeing is by design what the ‘bbPress Moderation’ plugin


    > “To help reduce spam in bbPress forums, this plugin will change the
    > status of new topics and replies to ‘pending’. Any pending
    > topics/replies will be shown as ‘Awaiting Moderation’ until the
    > administrator approves publishes them.”

    Or did you install this plugin to try and resolve the issue but with the plugin disabled you are still seeing this behavior?

    What happens when you disable all other plugins on your WordPress install?

    John James Jacoby


    I’m a little confused by what netweb is telling you to do. The bbPress Moderation plugin is actually the thing that ENABLES the behaviour you’re experiencing. Without that plugin, your users should be allowed to create topics and replies on their own without any intervention from you or anyone else.

    Deactivate the bbPress Moderation plugin, deactivate bbPress, activate bbPress. That should reset all of bbPress’s role and capability mapping, in the event something is broken.

    What i’m experiencing was even before I installed bbPress Moderation. When I installed bbPress alone i still needed to approve all the posts, when the problem persisted then I installed the bbPress Moderation just to see if it allowed what it said, which is after one time approved I wouldn’t have to approve again, but it never fixed the problem, I still had to approve every post So I did what you said and disabled the bbPress Moderation and I’m still getting the same problem, with or without the plugin all posts goes to ‘Pending’ and I have to approve every single one of them which gets really annoying. I disabled bbPress and re-enabled it and still nothing. I even found a function that I tested on functions.php, the function has this included thinking it would force the users capability to publish.

    $role = get_role( 'subscriber' ); // gets the editor role
    $role -> add_cap( 'publish_topics' ); //-> is actually greater than symbol, this forum is not showing it

    but that didn’t work, i feel like there’s an option that never got set in my database, i even restored the plugin and its not working. I just don’t understand why its not working for me, or nothing is being set in capability mapping

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    I also forgot to mention that I have Buddypress installed also, but I don’t have the Discussion Forums set on the Buddypress setting. So that should work apart, right?

    One of my users is having the exact same problem, except it’s only one of my users, everyone else is fine. My forums have been running for over a month with no problems, but suddenly this user can’t publish posts without me approving it in dashboard. It becomes marked as “Pending Review”. The only thing that sets her account apart is the number of edits she makes is much higher than anyone else, because she opens a news topic and frequently updates the opening post with new information.

    EDIT: I am using bbPress 2.1

    Sorry for the double post, but I took control of the account and I’m not able to reproduce the error from my session. Her password was reset. Perhaps there is some security setting or browser issue causing wordpress to flag users for reviews? I don’t know much about PHP/MySQL and WordPress so what I’m saying might be stupid…



    I think I’m seeing a related issue as described at this thread:

    Really, really odd behavior with sticky posts

    The most prolific user in my forum will make a post which seems to want to make itself a draft after a couple of days. It’s quite odd. Once I go in and “Publish” the topic again, it starts behaving normally. What the heck?

    Team Startbit


    I also need user to post on a forums without admin approval from backend.Anyone can help me!!



    just remove
    add_action( ‘bp_before_activity_post_form’, ‘bp_registration_hide_whatsnew_start’ );
    add_action( ‘bp_after_activity_post_form’, ‘bp_registration_hide_whatsnew_end’ );

    this from the bp-registration-options/includes/core.php
    you can post to activity without admin approve



    Or use this in your theme functions.php file
    add_action( ‘wp_head’, ‘remove_my_action’ );
    function remove_my_action(){
    remove_action(‘bp_before_activity_post_form’, ‘bp_registration_hide_whatsnew_start’);
    remove_action(‘bp_after_activity_post_form’, ‘bp_registration_hide_whatsnew_end’);



    Did anyone get this solved on their end? I’m also having a major problem where none of my users can post topics or replies without me having to approve them and all permissions seem to be in place for them. I can not — for the life of me — figure out why the heck they can’t post. Would love to hear a solution!

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