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Introducing bbConverter – Convert your current forums for use with bbPress 2x

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    Thanks to AWJunkie we are proud to announce the official release of bbConverter, the only tool you will ever need to convert your current forums for use with bbPress 2x.

    Currently supported platforms:

    1. bbPress 1x

    2. Vbulletin 3x – 4x

    3. Invision Power Board

    Future platform support already in progress:

    1. PHPbb 3x

    2. Xenforo

    Platforms being considered

    1. myBB



    1. Upload the bbConverter folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory

    2. Activate bbConverter through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress

    3. Go into your WordPress admin under ‘Settings’ and choose ‘Converter’


    5. Choose the platform you want to convert from and fill in the database information. Click start

    6. Once the conversion has completed, visit the WordPress Admin ‘Tools’ section and click ‘Recount’

    7. Do NOT deactivate the plugin once it is finished as it is needed for user password management.


    Important Note:

    It is important to understand that this script is going to be modifying your wordpress database in order to bring over your forums/topics/replies/tags/ and users from your old forum setup. This means we are directly modifying your database which means backup is paramount.

    Ok, now that is out of the way, let’s get to the plugin itself.

    Each Forum sofware, whether bbPress 1x, vbulletin, or Invision Powerboard, has its own configuration file. For example vbulletin calls the file config.php

    This is the file which contains your database connection information and you need to save this information in order to fill out the plugin start screen.

    Required options:

    1. Platform you are converting from – dropdown

    2. Database server — usually localhost

    3. Database port — (example: vbulletin uses 3306)

    4. Database Username

    5. Database Password

    6. Database Name

    7. Database Table Prefix — If you installed your forum software using a prefix enter it here. ( example: vbulletin default uses vb_ ) If there is no prefix, then leave it blank.

    8. Rows Limit — This represents the number of database rows the plugin will convert during a single cycle. I would start this number at 50 or below at first. Keep in mind that forum conversion takes a huge load on the server mysql so if you are on a shared host, you may want to notify your host before running the script.

    If you are on a dedicated server with shell access, then I would suggest opening up a terminal window and monitoring the resources. You can change the ‘Rows Limit’ at any time while the script is running. I have gone as high as 2500 instead of 50 on my servers. ( don’t click stop/start as it is not needed to change the limits )

    9. Delay time — Suggested to use 1. This is the number of seconds that the server waits between the conversion cycles. It gives your server a second to catch its breath.

    Other Options:

    1. Clean — If something actually goes wrong, then you can choose to clean the database. This will effectively remove all the imported data and allow you to start the conversion over.

    2. Restart — Restart allows you to pick up where the script left off should you have the need to stop and start the process. Example is when your browser or computer window closes during the conversion process. If you close the browser during conversion for any reason, then the conversion stops.

    3. Users — You have the option of choosing not to import your users. If you are using bbPress 1x and have the forums linked to your WordPress install already, then you do not need to import users. Do not check the box. Otherwise you do want to import your users.

    Once Import is complete:

    1. Recount — Once everything is finished, then go to the wp-admin/tools and choose recount. This is going to present you with a screen full of checkboxes. Check every box and click submit. This is going to line up all the topic/replies/user posts counts etc.

    2. Keep bbConverter plugin active after conversion.

    bbConverter has a special script which will allow your users to maintain their old forum username and password. In a nutshell, when a user signs in for the first time after the forums convert, the script will check their old password, validate it, and then use the WordPress system to generate the identical password for the user in the appropriate place. This means that you need to keep bbConverter active until every single user has logged into the forums in order to maintain password management. This is not at all resource intensive, and you won’t even notice the plugin running in the background.

    That’s it your finished.



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  • John James Jacoby


    Works for me.

    Hey guys, just a thought – is it possible to convert BBPress 2.0 threads and posts back to v1.X in any way?



    @JJJ: Which version are you trying?

    I am using the latest version of WordPress 3.3.1

    I have tried both bbPress 2.0 and 2.0.2

    I installed bbConverter through WP’s admin panel so the plugin version is 1.3

    When I click Activate immediately upon installation, I get

    The plugin does not have a valid header.



    Actually, I take that back.

    If you click on “Activate Plugin” immediately upon installation from the Add New Plugin area, the plugin does throw up the error

    The plugin does not have a valid header.

    However, if I later to to installed plugins, and then click “Activate”, then I am able to activate and use the plugin.

    I am also happy to report that I was able to successfully convert a phpBB 3.0.9 forum. It’s not perfect…I need to fix a few things here or there, but it is good enough…as good as can be expected from a general-purpose automated converter.



    Umm…except that the usernames (in frontend only) appear as imported_username instead of username. Anyone know the fix?



    I’m currently using Xenforo, great forum, but I want to have my forums integrated with my site. Glad to hear Xenforo is in added to future options.

    Any news if the plugin is going to be able to export / import from mybb forums? Need to get away from mybb and love the look of this WP plugin. Thanks in advance.


    Love the plugin. But are the phpBB image/URL trouble’s going to be resolved somewhen? There isn’t much acitivity any more..





    Any chance support for other Forums are going to be added? I really need a converter for my Forum which is using the CMS from Seditio. Unfortunately, Seditio is not around anymore, but a fork exists at

    I have over 1500 members and 40K posts. I really want to get away from that CMS and convert to WP as it’s not supported any longer. Please advise, and if there is anything I can do to help, please let me know. Thanks.



    Wow i had no clue anyone was here in this bbpress forum, seems like everyone is posting on this topic. There are other topics going too guys. Like one’s that haven’t been addressed in 5 days… just saying :P




    Can someone please take a look at my most recent topic that I posted. While waiting for an answer Ive crashed my site twice(worse than i ever had before) bringing it back twice and then rebuilt it totally again once in about 48 hours. I really need some help. I soooo don’t want to do a complete redesign in a new platform, but that is an option that has crossed my mind. I’m so happy with my wordpress/bbpress site. But I need to get this video player working.

    Jason Dadarria

    Executive Director

    Soundhampton Technologies





    Can I convert My Forum in bbpress, I want convert my forum to buddypress !

    can I do it ?

    Please Give me solution



    Is this still being developed? It’s been a while since any updates or responses. I’d like to use this rather than pay someone to convert Xenforo.



    I’ve been a MyBB forum owner/administrator for 2+ years now and really want to convert to BBpress because of it’s easy wordpress integration/compatibility. It seems there’s not been any updates on this for a little bit. MyBB is a huge community but the software is still in the stone ages.. even with the current conversion to jquery and html free core.
    Would really love to jump ship asap and move to BBpress on all my MyBB forums. What solutions are out there right now as I’m not a database tech… not incompetent.. but by no means an expert.



    is the phpbb3 fixed?

    Firstly this thread is about an old plugin that is no longer being updated, the core of this code is actually now in bbPress core.

    Yes phpBB import is fixed 100% in bbPress’ built in import tool

    You can take a stab at modifying the included ‘Example.php’ included with bbPress to try importing your MyBB forums just as @vogelsang did here for importing from Drupal. There are some basic instructions here on creating your own custom imports for bbPress.

    Further information on importing existing forums into be bbPress can be found here:

    (I’m going to close this topic now, if you have any questions regarding importing please create a new topic)

    All the details for the MyBB Importer are in the following thread:

    MyBB Import to bbPress

    All the details for the PunBB Importer are in the following thread:

    PunBB Import to bbPress

Viewing 16 replies - 176 through 191 (of 191 total)
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