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MyBB Import to bbPress

  • Introduce Forum Importer template for use with importing from MyBB v1.6.xx(Tested on v1.6.10) & ​​

    Working: Categories, Forums, Topics, Replies & Users
    Not Working Yet: User Passwords & Custom BBCode for Topic & Reply Content

    Attached to bbPress Trac Ticket #2378 is the 1st pass patch for MyBB importing into bbPress.

    To test the importer download the latest patch from the link above and copy/ftp the file into the /includes/admin/converters/ folder of your bbPress plugin.

    I hope to get the remaining outstanding items done ASAP.
    (User passwords will be a little trickier and will take a bit more time)

    Any feedback and/or testing that you can provide will help me out tremendously.


    Stephen 🙂

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  • capacitron


    Nice! Just finished using your importer on a test site. Everything went great, no problems. I’m almost sad I didn’t have an error. How can I help you more?

    The feature I’m dying for is to import MyBB user profile data into BuddyPress profiles. Any plans for that feature?

    If not, do you have any suggestions for me?

    Latest Attachment MyBB.php


    • User Nice Name ‘user_nicename’ & Display Name ‘user_displayname’ import fields


    • User Passwords
    • – Custom BBCode for Topic & Reply Content

    NOTE: If you are importing ‘users’ during the import you will see multiple instances of the following error message:-
    – Notice: Undefined variable: user_pass in /home/webhost/public_html/wp-includes/user.php on line 1305
    This can be ignored and only relates to the current non-working state of converting user passwords. If you need to login (or users login) they will just need to reset their WordPress password to be able to login.

    @capacitron Thanks a bunch for testing it out, glad it worked.

    bbPress & BuddyPress use the same WordPress user table so everything should be common across both plugins and WordPress itself.

    That said, any extra profile data I can get from the source forum, in this case MyBB we are storing the extra data in the WordPress ‘usermeta’ table so this data can be manipulated/imported/whatever at a later time.

    With MyBB I only see 3 extra user profile fields to store (ICQ, MSN & Signature), the rest WordPress includes by default (AIM, Yahoo etc) .

    Looking at the current version of MyBB.php importer at Line #474 you will see the three entries I have (summarized below):

    • // Store ICQ (Stored in usermeta)
      ‘to_fieldname’ => ‘_bbp_mybb_user_icq’
    • // Store MSN (Stored in usermeta)
      ‘to_fieldname’ => ‘_bbp_mybb_user_msn’
    • // Store Signature (Stored in usermeta)
      ‘to_fieldname’ => ‘_bbp_mybb_user_sig’,

    Thus under each imported user in the wp_usermeta table under each user id the above data will also be stored…. So for example if you wanted to install a bbPress/BuddyPress signature plugin to extend either of these plugins you could then copy the data from this stored field to the field that the plugin uses f or storing user signature data. As any of this can be done in numerous ways by plugin authors each site admin will need to decide what plugin to use and how to shift around any relevant data.



    @stephen Again great work on the importer. Are MyBB PM (Private Messages) included in the import process?

    Private messages are not imported as bbPress cannot handle PM’s at this stage…

    It would be nice to import them into a compatible format for BuddyPress down the track 😉



    I actually found an issue with the MyBB Forum Importer. Since MyBB allows and accepts Usernames with spaces in between words: i.e. “John Smith” and WordPress does not, WordPress is generating URL’s for those users as i.e. “John%20Smith” which produces a 404 and prevents editing of profiles and such. It is the very problem discussed in this BuddyPress topic:
    Which was never resolved.
    I’m currently searching for a quick SQL query where I can remove all the “%20″‘s occurring in those URL’s.

    Thanks for reporting this 🙂

    I’ll try to update the importer as soon as I can to import any username that includes white space eg. Member Name to member_name or member-name.

    This needs a bit of thought on a patch as it will affect all of the bbPress importers 😉



    Anyone know if this still works with the newest versions of bbPress and MyBB?

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