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bbPress 2.0 – Updates

  • John James Jacoby


    bbPress 2.0 is out!

    1. Topic Counts – DONE!
    2. Post Counts – DONE!
    3. Voice Counts – DONE!
    4. Admin Clean-up – DONE!
    5. User Profiles – DONE!
    6. User Posts – DONE!
    7. User Favorites – DONE!
    8. User Subscriptions – DONE!
    9. User Roles – DONE!
    10. Topic Move – DONE!
    11. Topic Split – DONE!
    12. Topic Merge – DONE!
    13. Tag Tools – DONE!
    14. Theme Compatibility – DONE!
    15. Feeds – DONE!
    16. Importer from 1.0 – DONE!
    17. Fix Multisite- DONE!
    18. Investigate Topic Tags- DONE!
    19. Add actions to post forms- DONE!
    20. Zero out tickets in 2.0 milestone- DONE!

    If you need support for your specific site running a pre-release version of this plugin, please open a dedicated topic. Thanks :)

    If you find a security vulnerability, please reference:

    [edited: 9/21/2011 – jjj]

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  • I am very new to bbpress plugin for wordpress. How do I get a plugin within the bbpress plugin for wordpress? I want to use BBcode, BBVideo, UserApprove and Allow Images. Are there any plugins in for this? How does one install a plugin when bbpress is a plugin itself? Can you automatically download or do you have to install manually?

    Will the plugins for the old software work for this bbpress plugin?



    There aren’t many plugins that work with bbPress 2.0 yet. The ones that do are WordPress plugins, which I assume you know how to install since you installed bbPress 2.0.

    bbPress 1.x plugins will not work with bbPress 2.0.

    Hi Andre thanks for responding. So is there away to have the following work now in bbpress plugin.

    1. Video;

    2. Images;


    4. Adsense between posts.

    Approve User and Clitcha can be handled by wordpress registration

    Thanks in advance



    @quickcat – I’m not the best one to answer your question since I haven’t looked for any plugins that will work with bbPress other than BuddyPress. Others should be able to jump in and help.

    thank…so much

    John James Jacoby


    This is no longer a sticky.




    I read in this thread that you mentioned it was possible to give users the ability to add iframes to a post if you have the correct ‘simple’ WP plugin.

    I am trying to allow people to add their iframes from into a post so I need to give them that ability.

    Can you tell me what plugin will allow this to happen?




    Learning…to customize bbPress!



    Testing reply speed on larger topic. Please ignore this post.

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