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    Already did (re-)save the permalinks settings (see original post). Did it again right now just to make sure & still the same problem…

    What to do? Which file / script / logic could be responsible?

    When issuing a search-query, this is the “real” URL, which gets called first (before rewriting):
    /search?action=bbp-search-request&bbp_search=my-query << No problems here, right?

    FYI: I deactivated all the other plugins – no effect, the error persists.


    Hi there!

    Just yesterday I went ahead and updated our bbPress to 2.4 and missed out on validating the search functionality – which actually broke!

    Right now I get a 404 when using the search functionality. It somehow cannot handle the new pretty URLs introduced with 2.4.

    Instead of

    I get

    I already tried:

    – Disabling affiliated bbPress-plugins (got one German string replacement active)
    – Saving the Permalinks again
    – Checking .htaccess for any possible Rewrite-Rules which might conflict

    None of those worked.

    Any hints on how to tackle the error? It obviously was introduced with 2.4 and I couldn’t even say where to look first after checking up upon the obvious…

    I got a bbpress.php in place at /wp-content/themes/my-theme/ in order to wrap bbPress in style but even there I double checked the code and essentially there is nothing possibly conflicting (at least from what I see).

    Looking forward to you guys helping out.
    Thanks & Regards!

Viewing 2 results - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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