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Re: Wrong Charset, cannot specify UTF-8

This is more likely to be a problem with your database setup – make sure your tables are correctly collated/encoded as well as the database as a whole, to some form of utf8.

I notice that here, the word “Contraseña” which is in the templates/language file is working fine, but part of the title (from the database) “pequeño” is showing up as “pequeño”.

The thing about using specific encodings, like UTF-8 is that your whole stack has to support it. From the operating system the server is running to the font being used on the clients browser.

Now as I understand it, you will need to jump through some hoops to fix this. I think it involves converting all yout char/varchar columns in the database to binary and all your text columns to blobs before converting your tables/database to utf-8 collation/encoding. Then after the conversion is done, you change the tables back to what they were. I think there is a full how-to at the mysql documentation website.

Good luck – backup your database before doing anything, you may want to take your site offline while doing it too.

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