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Re: WP bbpress integration plugin no longer needed?


Apparently the problem was that when you try to login as ‘admin’ user the bbpress and wordpress user list gets confused. It thinks that they are two different users since there is the admin in bbpress user database upon install and an existing one in wordpress. This creates a conflict. I created a new admin account under a different username in wordpress and everything works correctly.

BBpress integration plugin IS NOT REQUIRED to get integration to work correctly.

I am not sure why, but “auth” cookie salt & WordPress “logged in” cookie salt in bbpress does not have to match that in wordpress.

Lastly, the most important variable other than in bb-config and wp-config files:

define(‘AUTH_KEY’,’ ‘);

define(‘SECURE_AUTH_KEY’,’ ‘);

define(‘LOGGED_IN_KEY’, ‘ ‘);

Is to verify that User database table prefix is set correctly. To verify this, set field usually to wp_ and check the user list. If you have this value set correctly, then bbpress imports all users into bbpress admin area. Integration is super easy, but there are a few admin/instructional issues that have not been updated and can cause confusion. Please post if you have further questions!!!

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