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Re: WP 2.8.4 and BBpress 1.0.2, cant get integration to work!

Hi there! :)

I’ve got the same problem with a website I’m working on.

I’ve tried every option posted here, but nothing seem to work.

I am working with WordPress 2.8.4 and bbPress 1.0.2.

I can log in on the bbPress and the WordPress, but the cookie integration (so people only have to log in from 1 place, logged in into both) isn’t working, they seem to get the user information from 1 table in 1 database.

I’ve verified that the keys are the same, all the keys are defined in both wp-config.php and bb-config.php, with the same keys and the same values for the salt. I even have a define(‘cookiepath’, ‘/’);, which also doesn’t seem to work. :(

I also have bbPress Integration (plugin) installed in WordPress, didn’t help as well.

Anything I may have missed?

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