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Re: WP 2.6.3 & bbPress 1.0A2 slight fix

while ($stars_in_heavens) {
deadmedic.karma += extra_scoop_of_icecream();
deadmedic.praise_sung += 1;

You fixed it.

Here I was searching for all instances of setcookie…novice error!

WP2.6.3; bbPress 1.0a2; PHP5; Apache 1.3

I can log in and out of WP and bbPress from any direction!

I did not use the .htaccess edits, just the rtrim line.

Thank you, so very much!

I wonder if this is going to solve my bbSynch and bbLive issues?

BTW, there is a WP plugin to skin the wp login. They have a flickr group to share what people have done.

I like the idea of funneling registrations through bbPress, as most of my members will hit the fora.

I have to go and clean up some nasty things I’ve been saying around the web about integration…

Thanks again, man.


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