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Re: Work in progress

In THEORY you could use the forum database table for the blog. A blog would be a new topic in which people could reply. Adding a filter would seperate the blog-forums from the normal forum.

This way, the database doesn’t have to be extended, a simple filter would do… plus it would be easier to code as a plugin

Well in theory

Just filter it:

blog name = forum name

blog topic = forum topic

blog reply = forum reply

blog is filtered from the forum and only topic owner can add/edit here.

To make it more simple, when a user makes a blog a forum called “userblogs” (must be unique so a series of numbers could be added) is created and filtered (hidden). Then when loading a profile page it checks the forum “userblogs” where topic starter = profilename and it shows the “blogs” of that profile name…

Hope you understand what I mean, goodluck


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