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Re: WordPress integration: Logout problem



I am having similar issues. I have followed the steps from, and it’s not working for me personally. Well, everything is working. I have fully integrated my wordpress blog and bbpress forum. So, users can sign up and use one username and password for both, works great, BUT, first of all… sometimes I guess the cookie part isn’t working, because I can log in at my wordpress blog, then go to my forum and I won’t be logged in. But, when I first did the integration, it worked. I’d log in at one, then go to the other and already be logged in. So there is that issue, then I am also having an issue every now and then with logging out. If I log out from my bbpress it gives me some kind of header already sent error… But, again, that only happens periodically. So, my issues are odd and they don’t happen all the time :)

I’m thinking that most of my issues have to do with the cookies. Has anyone discovered any hints or tips to make sure that my cookie code is correct? The cookie part of my code in my bb-config file looks like this:

$bb->authcookie = ‘wordpress_354420af36a7c3b4f6ad07a79c17612a’;

$bb->cookiedomain = ”;

$bb->cookiepath = ‘/’;

$bb->sitecookiepath = ”;

does all that look correct?

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