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Re: WordPress + bbPress Integration 101



== The Shared User List (table) ==

The most essential concept to all integration is that WordPress and bbPress just share the same list of users in the database.

This is where some people make a mistake right at the start and accidentally create or keep using two separate copies of the user lists (usually one complete with many users and the other just themselves because it’s a fresh install of bbPress).

If you find that after your integrated install of bbPress that it cannot “see” any of your WordPress uses, you must check that bbPress is using both the correct DATABASE, and the correct TABLE.

The most common name for the user table is called WP_USERS

The WP_ is what we call the prefix and indicates that it’s part of WordPress by default. If bbPress is running by itself and not integrated, the prefix is likely BB_. Unless you are doing reverse integration and don’t want to change the table name, there is a 99.9% chance that your user table should be WP_USERS.

If your bbPress cannot see the WordPress users, check your “User database table prefix” in the bbPress integration admin menu OR add this to the bottom of bb-config.php

$bb->wp_table_prefix = 'wp_';

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