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Re: WordPress + bbPress Integration 101



== Installation locations for WordPress vs bbPress ==

There are actually a few different arrangements to where WordPress vs bbPress can be installed and I suspect this is where some problems and misunderstandings crop up.

1. WordPress in the “webroot” (highest level directory) and bbPress in a subdirectory.

<– WordPress


|–forums <– bbPress

(or visa-versa)

2. bbPress in a WordPress sub-directory

|-blogforums <– bbPress “under” WordPress

(You can make this work but it’s a bit messy, no?)

3. WordPress and bbPress each in their own directory

|–blog <– WordPress


|–forums <– bbPress

(I like this methed best, seems the most “logical”)

4. WordPress and bbPress both in the “webroot”

(or other same directory)

This is not recommended at this time. Technically it can be done but you are completely on your own to make it work properly and it’s not designed to work this way. BackPress may eventually change this and even make it the preferred way to function.

Otherwise, 1,2 & 3 are perfectly valid ways to operate. IMHO #3 is easier to manage but that’s that’s just personal opinion.

Why do install locations matter? Most importantly it’s because of how the shared cookie paths are handled. If you don’t change the cookiepath to the webroot (“/”) like I suggest below, one program may not be able to see the other program’s cookies.

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