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Re: WordPress + bbPress Integration 101

By that definition, the categories and tags would also be matching/transparent and the back-end UI (where visible) would match. Editing a wordpress post that didn’t exist on the bbpress side would still create a post on bbpress, but it’d date it for when the wordpress post was created, not when the edit took place. They’d use identical login pages and registration pages out of the box instead of forcing me to spend hours hacking together a template, or better yet would find a way to leverage the templates (especially the CSS tags) so that the UI would look closer to transparent, and the “comments count” on the wordpress side would work.

So like said, dual log-in is the least of my integration problems.

I’m still learning PHP but plan to at some point down the road dip in to the dev side to try to help, so these aren’t criticisms so much as “kirabug’s someday to-do list”.

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