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Re: WordPress + bbPress Integration 101

Hi Quick question regarding WordPress and BBPress integration of users. Can this be done across different domains? Say I have WordPress MU installed on, and from there i have Blog1 installed on and Blog 2 installed on, and then BBPress installed on, would the users still be able to be sync’d across the domains?

All of these are running off of the same server, and Multi-Site is running on WordPress MU. Can users be sync’d between MU and BBPress this way?

(I know it sounds horribly convoluted. This is for an event that’s being put together, and while we don’t want users to have to register to N sites, we do want them all to be separated out like I described above.)

Edit: I should add that I’m not concerned about whether or not a user stays logged in when they switch from one to another, but just a shared user table or automatic user syncing is what we’re looking for.

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