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Re: WordPress + bbPress Integration 101

CK I installed the plugin with the salt keys, etc……and there is evidentally a little progess as the cookies do not conflict as before, but the integration hasn’t worked either. Not sure what the issue is but in the docs there are not a precise definition of the secret key. Is the database secret key that you refer to the key I have defined in the config, php that holds the database name, password, etc…..or is that the “secret,” randomly derived string that is listed through options.php as “secret”? Also, since I am using .9, where exactly are the bbpress integration settings in wp……there was a new-plugin, but that was for 1. alpha, right…..not for .9?

Excuse me because I am new to this, but does it make sense for me to upgrade to the alpha version, is that easier to integrate? Or do I want to go the other direction and downgrade the wp cookies.

Thanks in advance>>


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