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Re: WordPress + bbPress Integration 101

If you’re seeing WP logins work, and BB logins fail, then BB is probably logging you in and setting the wrong cookie path.

(You can debug this sort of thing by using a proxy which lets you inspect the headers as they pass from client to server – I recommend the excellent Charles Web Debugging Proxy.)

I fixed this using the WP Cookie Root plugin. Changing the COOKIE_PATH defines for me hadn’t worked, but the plugin did.

Q: With deep integration, I see any postings to BB get double-quoted, eg an apostrophe posted to the forum will appear as ‘ …

Here’s hoping BBPress doesn’t munge the line above. Apostrophes appear in the forum with a backslash to escape them, because both WP and BB are running the apostrophes thru their escaping function. How can I avoid this?

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