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Re: WordPress + bbPress Integration 101

I followed some of these instructions and completely integrated WP 2.6.2 and bbPress 0.9 logins on my site today ( I’d already had 2.6 up and running when I installed bbPress and didn’t want to roll back (I really need to roll forward at some point), so I just copied and pasted all the old WP 2.5 cookie functions from pluggable.php into a separate plugin file for my 2.6 install, set all the paths and keys, and it’s working well. I expect you can just do the same with WP 2.7 if you want to integrate it with bbPress 0.9. Anyway just wanted to report that it IS possible to get 2.6 (and up probably) working with bbPress 0.9 without too much more pain. If anyone’s interested in the plugin file that has the WP 2.5 functions you need, just let me know!

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