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Re: wordpress and bbpress intergration



followed the step by step BBpress installer. got close but not close enough. Here’s what it’s telling me. I understand the the bb-config was not writable, I know how to change file permissions. My question is: how / where do I go to manually update this info?

>>> WordPress cookie keys not set.

>>>>>> Your “bb-config.php” file was not writable.

>>>>>> You will need to manually re-define “BB_AUTH_KEY”, “BB_SECURE_AUTH_KEY” and “BB_LOGGED_IN_KEY” in your “bb-config.php” file.

Key master email not sent!

Referrer is OK, beginning installation…

>>> Setting up custom user table constants

Step 1 – Creating database tables

>>> Modifying database: IDWellnessdb (localhost)

>>>>>> Table: bb_forums

>>>>>>>>> Creating table

>>>>>>>>>>>> Done

>>>>>> Table: bb_meta

>>>>>>>>> Creating table

>>>>>>>>>>>> Done

>>>>>> Table: bb_posts

>>>>>>>>> Creating table

>>>>>>>>>>>> Done

>>>>>> Table: bb_terms

>>>>>>>>> Creating table

>>>>>>>>>>>> Done

>>>>>> Table: bb_term_relationships

>>>>>>>>> Creating table

>>>>>>>>>>>> Done

>>>>>> Table: bb_term_taxonomy

>>>>>>>>> Creating table

>>>>>>>>>>>> Done

>>>>>> Table: bb_topics

>>>>>>>>> Creating table

>>>>>>>>>>>> Done

>>>>>> Table: wp_usermeta

>>>>>>>>> Changing column: umeta_id

>>>>>>>>>>>> Done

>>>>>>>>> Changing column: user_id

>>>>>>>>>>>> Done

Step 2 – WordPress integration (optional)

>>> WordPress address (URL):

>>> Blog address (URL):

>>> WordPress cookie keys not set.

>>> WordPress “auth” cookie salt set from input.

>>> WordPress “secure auth” cookie salt set from input.

>>> WordPress “logged in” cookie salt set from input.

>>> User database table prefix: wp_

>>> WordPress MU primary blog ID: 1

Step 3 – Site settings

>>> Site name: IDWellness Forums

>>> Site address (URL):

>>> From email address:

>>> Key master role assigned to existing user

>>>>>> Username: admin

>>>>>> Email address:

>>>>>> Password: Your existing password

>>> Description: Just another bbPress community

>>> Forum name: Announcements

>>>>>> Topic: Your first topic

>>>>>>>>> Post: First Post! w00t.

>>> Key master email not sent!

There were some errors encountered during installation!

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