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Re: WordPress access to bbPress Functions



legg-my-eggo – I totally agree that basic functionality should be easier to call between the two platforms! Pulling content back and forth between WordPress and bbPress… sharing header/footer/sidebar templates… that stuff should be a lot more seamless, and hopefully it will be over time.

Deep integration does have its own set of problems. _ck_ mentions two of them here:

Two huge strengths for stand-alone (simple) integration over deep integration are:

1. your forums can be still running even if your blog is temporarily down (or visa versa)

2. speed/performance – deep integration will crush a shared server if you get a surge in visitors

Anyway my personal sense is that if you can avoid deep integration, you’re probably better off that way. But if you absolutely need it, it’s possible… but only in one direction. It’s up to WordPress to decide if they want to offer deep integration of bbPress – I guess some of us could post over at the WordPress forums and ask them for it?

What kind of filters are you looking to run on the Latest Discussion plugin? Maybe we can find a way to mod the plugin to be more flexible… and remove your need for deep integration!

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