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Re: WordPress access to bbPress Functions



Yeah, that makes some sense. However, there’s a conceptual problem here, right? Because the recommended structure is to install WordPress and then install bbPress as a subdirectory (say, /forums). Which works great, but then I’ve got a home page created by WordPress, and since the deep integration only works the other way around, no way to use any bbPress content on that home page.

I also tried using the Latest Discussion plugin, but I have a modification that I need to filter some of the output supplied by whatever functions output the discussion and forum lists, and that plugin does not include a filter which allows me to do what I need to do, so I was trying to find a way to use bbPress functions on my WordPress home page.

For “deep integration” to be really relevant, I have to have a way to include bbPress content within my WordPress pages, right? Or am I really thinking of this the wrong way?

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